How to Choose the Right Motorcycle to Fit Your Needs


Choosing a motorcycle is based on budget, the purpose of the bike, personal preference, comfort, feel, among other factors. An unfit bike will make you unsettled, and you may lose interest in it after a short time. Settle for a motorcycle that not only suits your height and size but needs as well. Since there are many options to select from in the market, it may not be very clear to know the right one. Many people may have in mind the type of motorbike that will fit their needs, but some have no idea. If you are in the second category, below is a guideline to assist you in making a suitable choice;

1. Budget

The content in your wallet will significantly determine the motorcycle you choose. The initial cost of the motorbike is not the only expense you will incur. You’ll have recurrent expenses such as insurance cover, tire replacements, fuel costs, and other overall services.

Purchase a motorbike that will not put pressure on you financially. Remember, a big and expensive motorcycle will have higher bills, commensurate with its value. 

Research to establish which category, model, and size you will be able to keep running. You do not have the cash to make one complete purchase, and you may make arrangements with the dealer to pay the required deposit and continue with equated monthly installments (EMI).  

2. Compare Different Models 

Motorcycles are in various categories, which are classified into many genres, from sports bikes to daily commuters. As explained at, it’s advisable to visit the dealer’s shop to get every detail and check the specifications of a suitable model that fits you ergonomically. Remember, there is no description or bike narrative that can beat the physical trial of different motorcycles. A dealer will give you professional insight and the opportunity to try the feel of each model. Check different models of the type of two-wheeler you are interested in to find out weight distributions on both sides, the height versus your height, and whether it will fit you while on your feet. 

3. Purpose of the Motorcycle

What’s the purpose of the bike? Will you use it every day, or will it be a weekend use ride? People purchase a motorcycle for sports, convenient means of commuting to and from work, or just a cool look. Whatever the purpose of the motorcycle is, be sure you will find one that suits your needs. Manufacturers have made as many categories and models to match the numerous needs of their clients. To get a detailed breakdown of every model and its purpose, visit the manufacturers’ websites. They provide the pros and cons of each model to make your decision-making process easy. Have an open mind to be able to understand both positive and negative reviews of every model. 

4. Access to Service and Repair Centre

How accessible is the service center for the model of the motorbike you would like to have? If the location is miles on end, you may have to rethink your decision. A service center that is miles away will mean you incur extra expenses to make the trip whenever the motorcycle is due for service and repairs. This will be an excessive expense if you have a daily use bike, as it will require regular service. How then are the spare parts of the model available? Will you take your motorcycle to the repair shop and wait for an unspecified period for the spare parts to be shipped for it? Choose a motorbike that will conveniently serve you. 

5. Used or New Motorcycle?

It’s advisable to take your time before making up your mind to purchase a new or used bike. The decision will significantly affect the budget and attachment you develop for the bike. A rushed decision may be costly if you lose interest in the motorbike and decide to sell it a few months after the purchase to get another model. It may not be possible to sell it at a fair price compared to the amount you spent on it. 

The above guidelines will be some of the useful tips you may use to acquire a new ride. Remember, budget, personal preference, purpose, and extensive market research will be significant in the model’s decision-making process to purchase. Take your time, consult professionals, check reviews, and talk to experienced riders and dealers. Check the pros and cons of each model on the manufacturer’s website, and visit dealers for a physical feel. Once you are satisfied you have enough information to make an informed choice, go ahead and purchase the motorcycle. You will be glad you gave your best to prepare for the investment.