How to Clean Your Vape Tank and Coils?


Wondering how to clean your vape tank and the coils that come with your vape device? Read on to find out.

Every year, thousands of people make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. With the NHS now trialling vape devices instead of nicotine replacement treatments, it is only a matter of time before smoking is no longer the pastime of choice. When compared to the myriad of diseases that smoking brings, vaping is healthy by comparison. Recent reports suggest it is as much as 95% less harmful than smoking.

We are well aware of the health effects of Cigarette Smoking by now, so it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to vaping, instead. Vaping is much cleaner than cigarette smoking and, in more ways, than one. Those who vape have healthier lungs, cleaner hair, and skin, and do not have nicotine stains on their fingers. However, that vape tank still gets dirty.

No matter what device you have, you will need to learn how to clean it. Here are some of the ways you can clean your vape device to ensure it stays in perfect working order for longer.

How to Clean a Vape Tank?

We clean our vape tanks for two reasons: we do not want to breathe in mixed vapour and we don’t want to inhale from a dirty device. We clean the vape tank differently depending on the device you own. If your e-cigarette is a pod device, then you will not need to spend as much time in cleaning the tank. 

To clean your vape tank, remove it from the rest of the device. You should do this whenever you feel the flavours are starting to muddle. Strip the tank from the device and hold it under hot running water for about a minute to remove debris. Remove it from the water and pat it dry with a paper towel. Use a cotton bud to get into the crevices. Leave the tank to fully dry before reattaching it to the vape device.

How to Deep Clean your Vape Tank?

If hot water is not enough to remove the taste of a particularly strong e-liquid, you can use soap to clean it, instead. Fill a bowl with hot water and two-three drops of dish soap. Mix it together and leave it for a few minutes. You can use a cotton bud to clean the interior and exterior of the tank. Run it under hot water for a full minute to remove any residual soap. You can then pat it dry with the paper towel and use a cotton bud to get into the corners. 

Remember: do not use your tank until it is dry. If your tank is beyond repair or cleaning, you should buy a new tank.

How to Clean Your Coils?

We clean the coils of our vape device because they clog up with residual e-liquids. Although the only way to truly get rid of an old liquid is to change the wick too, washing your coils will remove build up and keep your device healthier and safer. Coils are harder to keep clean than your tank and perform the important purpose of heating your liquid. 

To clean your coils, soak them overnight in a strong ethanol solution. You could use nail varnish remover for this, an acidic vinegar, or a cheap-but-pure spirit. Many sites recommend cheap vodka but we estimate gin or any clear alcohol will do. The soaking time is two hours minimum. If you do not thoroughly rinse the ethanol from the coil, you will be able to taste it in your vape. Thoroughly rinse the alcohol from the coil for a good minute. Blow through them to make sure the water is not collecting inside. 

Set the coils aside to fully dry. They should be bone dry before you replace them.

How to Clean Your Vape Pen?

When it comes to cleaning the outside of your vape pen, or the other parts, you can do this with a soft cloth. The cloth can be damp, if you allow the pen to fully dry before you attempt use. You may also choose to use rubbing alcohol, as this will remove any residual debris from vape juices. 

To clean your vape pen, remove all the parts and empty out any excess liquid. Strip it down to individual pieces, then clean the tank and coils as described above. Using a soft cloth dipped in hot soapy water, then wrung out, wipe down each part of the pen. Set all parts aside to dry and do not use the e-cigarette again until the vape device is dry.

How to Change E-Liquid

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If you have a pod device, you simply clip them into the space reserved for the tank. The new pod will start to feed liquid into the tank immediately. You can remove the old pod and dispose of it, being careful not to get any liquid on your hands. 

To change the e-liquid in a vape device with vape juice, you must first remove the coil head from the tank. You then insert the end of the vape juice bottle into the space left in the tank and start to fill it up. You should wash the coil and insert a new one before you use your vape pen. You should also make sure that you have emptied all the old vape juice out of the tank before you put the new blend in.

We recommend that you clean both the tank and the coils between each new type of vape juice. If you regularly buy the same flavours, you can keep your coils in a plastic pouch or bag until you sue the corresponding flavour again, should you want to avoid soaking the coils.