How To Create A Healthier Workplace For Your Team


Assuming you have a central office in which your team works rather than a remote working structure, you’re going to need to ensure it is as healthy a place as possible. This is all part of a manager’s duty of care, and not only is it morally the right thing to do, but it will ensure that your team is more productive, happier, and more loyal. So it makes sense to consider how you can create a healthier workplace for your team. If you’re wondering what to do, read on for some helpful advice.

Health And Safety

There are already specific health and safety regulations that exist to ensure that those who are working can do so without any harm coming to them. By following these rules, you can ensure that you minimise the risk of any accidents occurring and anyone getting injured in the workplace.

To make sure that you’re doing all you can and that you are working to the right guidelines, it’s important to carry out a health and safety risk assessment on a regular basis. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, you can hire a third party to do it for you, but no matter what, it needs to be done. When you do this well, you can remove any problematic health and safety concerns and at the same time alert your team to the potential hazards in the workplace.

Good Air Quality

Something that can often be forgotten about when considering all the different ways to create a healthier workplace is the air quality within the office. If you have a small office, make sure the windows are open when possible to promote good airflow; if this is not possible, invest in air filters to help improve the quality of the air. Potted plants can do the same thing and can also promote a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Don’t forget that employees’ company cars also need to be safe and the air quality within them is a major issue. If the cars are old, they could be dangerous in terms of emissions, and you might need to upgrade them by buying newer, more eco-friendly versions from Hilton Car Supermarket to ensure that everyone is safe and secure.

Promote Good Time Management

If you find that your team members are often away from work due to feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it’s crucial you do something about it; stress is the number one cause of low productivity and mental health issues within the workplace and elsewhere. If you can minimise that stress as much as possible, you’ll be helping everyone greatly,  including yourself.

One thing you can do that will reduce everyone’s stress is to ensure that everyone understands how to manage their time effectively. If your team feels pressured to get work done by unrealistic deadlines, or they always have to work a lot of overtime, they can get stressed, and therefore, even if they are working longer hours, they will be less productive. Make sure everyone takes enough breaks during the day (provide a break room and snacks to help them do this) and ensure that when you set targets, they are realistic ones.