How to Ensure that Your ESTA Application Will Be Approved


ESTA is one of the most practical traveling solutions in today’s digital era. It helps in determining the eligibility of local travelers in the United States. The program also allows international visitors to travel to any U.S state without obstacles. However, despite its potential benefits, it’s not easy to get the ESTA program approval. The online application is straightforward, but the approval process is quite strict.

This guide will discuss helpful tips on how you can facilitate the approval of your ESTA application.

Provide The Needed Information

The first tip to ensuring that you don’t get disapproval is to provide the right information. The application form comes with a set of terms and conditions, as well as the blank spaces that you should fill.  The relevant information for your ESTA application includes your name, personal contacts, and passport information. You should also provide your personal travel information, including where you will be staying during your visit. Be sure to list your employment details too. The program administrators will be confident with you when you give every detail, and your chances of approval will be higher.

Avoid Mistakes

Small mistakes can cost you, or even block you from getting the approval. As such, you should be keen on the language you use, as well as your spellings. However, ESTA management gives the applicant a chance to review their application and rectify any mistakes they could have made in their passport information details. However, any errors that you make on your biographical information will require you to start an entirely new application. Be keen to avoid the back and forth process.

Understand Your Eligibility

Not everyone is eligible to apply for the waiver program. Before you apply, it would be helpful to understand if you qualify for the program. Ideally, the eligible people are those who want to visit the United States for less than 90 days. Mainly, the people who qualify are those who visit for business or tourism. The applicant should also be a citizen for the countries which use the waiver program. Currently, there are 38 countries registered for the program. Find out if your country is a member so that you can know your eligibility. If you meet all the eligibility requirements, you will stand a better chance of having a successful application.

Make The Payment

The ESTA application includes the application and authorization fees. The processing fee is payable upon completion of the application process. When you fail to settle the application fee, your application may not be processed. The authorization fee is payable upon approval of the application form. You should make the payments using the right payment channels, and the correct debit and credit cards. Confirm the payment method well to avoid future inconveniences.

The ESTA program has made traveling quite accessible. Unlike before, visitors can now get in and out of the United States without significant problems. If you are looking forward to filling out your ESTA form, follow the given instructions, make the payments, and use the right application channels to increase your chances of approval.