How to find the best English lawyers specialising in Spanish law


Whether you have decided to buy a property in Spain as an expert, or you need information and advice on Spanish tax process, it is essential to look for a reliable firm that can facilitate your needs in your language and has the understanding of the laws in both of the jurisdictions.

It is not always a good idea to choose a law firm recommended by someone who has little knowledge about Spanish Legal system, or hiring the services of an in-house lawyer who does not possess expertise in Spanish law. If you are unsure of which law firm or a lawyer, best for your needs, you could check their credentials with the local branch of the Spanish law society. You could save time if you choose companies specialised in the legal sector, such as Oremfi to save yourself time and going through the painstaking searches.

Oremfi’s works with a team of UK qualified lawyers collaborating with Spanish lawyers specialised in Spanish law. We have more than 30 years of experience in Spanish Property Law and has dealt with varieties of cases. Our team offers help, advice and all the necessary information for both residential and non-residential matters in Spain. The majority of our clients happens to be expats in Spain, want to purchase properties or would like to have information about Spanish tax and tax, insurance laws or application of Spanish residency laws etc.

We offer services to clients from all over the world in the language of their choice; facilitating greater and better communications. It should be noted that all Oremfi employees are fluent in both Spanish and English. Feel free to contact them whenever you need any kind of assistance about the services we offer. You will receive a prompt response. Our confidential and personalised service will assist you with your query and on any legal and financial service you want.

Ideally you should appoint a lawyer who is fully familiar with Spanish law and has experience in dealing with properties.  The domestic lawyers tend to have more knowledge about the regional urban plans or issues specifically for a particular region as well as any other significant issues that might affect the purchase of a property. If you appoint lawyers who are not based in Spain, then the services will only be provided by telephone, videoconference or by engaging another law firm in Spain, which will increase delays and it will incur more costs. It could also compromise your confidentiality, would be less effective and more time consuming.

Oremfi is not based in a big city like Madrid or Barcelona and has many years of experience in this type of legal process, as they operate from the Costa Blanca of Alicante, which is one of the most dynamic areas for real estate in Spain and have both the legal knowledge of the area and their UK partners who would provide you with an exceptional service and assistance