How to make life easier for your removals company


Moving house takes a lot of planning and organisation for it to run smoothly and can help speed up the moving process. Being prepared for when your removal professionals arrive is an important part of this. A few simple preparations can help them to work more efficiently, allowing you to move into your new home sooner on moving day. Below are some small steps you can take to keep things on schedule and make life easier for your removals company:

Clear obstacles and make your home easy to access

Removals professionals don’t hang around. They work hard and like to crack on with the job as quickly as possible for you. That can be hard to do if they struggle to access the property in the first place or if there are lots of obstacles to negotiate when they do arrive.

Make it as easy as possible for your removals team to access your property and the items in it. Clear any clutter and keep any pets or small children out of the way while your removals company is working. This will help them to operate safely as well as quickly.

Pack everything correctly

It’s not convenient for your removals team to arrive and find you’ve not packed everything. Unpacked items will slow the team down. They’ll either have to pack it or wait for you to pack it before they can load it into their van.

Equally frustrating is incorrect packing. Believe it or not, some people will use refuse sacks instead of boxes. These are hard to stack and can also tear. If something fits in a box, put it in a box. Pack all your items and, just as importantly, pack them correctly.

Avoid adding extra items of furniture on moving day

The last thing a removals team wants to deal with on moving day is a bunch of items you didn’t mention when you booked them. The company will have created a quote based on a range of criteria, including the number of items, and may have allocated a specific-sized van for your move.

Create a list of everything you’ll be moving so that the company can provide an accurate quote. If they’re coming round your house to take a look, be sure to show them every room. Don’t forget about the loft!

Empty the fridge

Your removals professionals won’t appreciate having to clear your fridge or freezer before they can move it. Clearly, empty ones are lighter and easier for them to move. Not only that, however, but also if these items are full, liquid could spill out of bottles or cartons and into the van, causing boxes to become soggy. Your removal company won’t thank you for any of this.

Disconnect the washing machine

Removal professionals are not plumbers. Nor are they electricians. Disconnect your washing machine and any other appliances you wish to take with you. If you’re not sure how, hire a professional. Don’t expect your removals company to do it. They may not have the training and will have to leave the items behind.

Have the keys ready

Not having the keys to the property is as irritating for the person moving as it is for the removals company, especially when the move is running to schedule. Delays can happen, but ideally, you should make sure you have the keys before the move. Your removal company may charge you for the inconvenience of having to wait while you get the keys on the day.

Check the removals team have brought everything

If you’re a removals company, perhaps nothing is quite as annoying as receiving a call from a customer to say you’ve left some items behind, forcing you to come back out and finish off a job you thought you’d completed. This can put the company behind schedule on other jobs they have organised. To avoid this, create an itinerary of everything you need your removals company to shift. Quickly check everything on it is there before the team head off for the next job.

Take out removals insurance

Removals companies are aware of the hazards of their work and have to take out lots of different insurance policies. The insurance cover they hold, however, is likely to be limited and they’ll factor it into their prices. Since the insurance company won’t know exactly how much your items are worth and certain circumstances can arise that are out of their control, they may not cover incidents concerning your property as extensively as you think.

Check what kind of cover your removal company holds and, when moving, make sure you have a suitable removals insurance policy. Read your home insurance policy first in case it covers removals. If you don’t have any and loss of property, damage to it or other problems arise during the removal process, this could create a sticky situation. Your removals company won’t thank you for dragging them into a financial dispute. Nor do you wish to get into one that could increase the overall cost of your move.

Take any of the measures above and you’ll make life much easier for your removal company. They can proceed swiftly with the job and help you to move into your new home faster on the day. Not taking these measures will drag the process out, which won’t help you or your removals company.