How to Perform Data Erasure While Refurbishing the Device


The device refurbishing industry faces multiple challenges attempting to achieve the best possible product quality. These include inaccurate testing, unreliable suppliers, and a lack of high-quality device parts. However, today, we will discuss one process that can turn any mistakes into legal issues and loss of money: data wiping.

What Are the Challenges of Data Destruction?

Performing data wiping insecurely on pre-owned smartphones increases the risk of data breaches. The risks arise when you test multiple devices, so refurbished phone wholesalers should pay additional attention to this issue.

Data leaks can pose reputational, financial, and legal risks for your business. The best way to avoid them is to use the most effective data erasure software.

What Data Erasure Software to Look for?

The right software should be safe and secure. Choose the solution that has obtained the certifications that support the most advanced norms of data protection, such as:

  • NIST 800-88 represents the most extensive guidelines for data sanitization, offering a detailed methodology for sanitizing different storage media. This ensures the secure handling of particularly sensitive data by outlining specific techniques for maintaining confidentiality;
  • ADISA offers certification with three distinct categories tailored to the media types organizations handle: the Certified Product Claims Test (PCT), Certified Product Assurance (PA), and Certified Sanitization Software Vendor (SSV). It’s important to carefully select a certification scheme that aligns with your company’s requirements;
  • IEEE 2883 is a logical continuation of NIST 800-88 but provides secure data erasure for a broader range of storage devices.

Try NSYS Data Erasure

This certified data erasure software performs safe and secure data wipes from both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices. NSYS Data Erasure optimizes the processing of used mobile devices, allowing you to wipe data from multiple smartphones or tablets simultaneously. For each device, you will receive a certificate to confirm that the data has been erased in accordance with international standards.