How to take care of your tyres after lockdown!


As the lockdown has been terminated in the UK, it’s time for us to get back to our daily routine of dropping our kids to school and getting back to work! Many of us, including myself, might be worried about vehicle safety, as it has been quite some time since our cars have just been standing idle in our garages. For everyone who is going to get back on the road after this long lockdown, we have gathered a few tyre checks for them that can be performed to ensure road safety.

After the pandemic, our driving habits have changed which has caused a huge impact on our tyres. Even though the lockdown has eased down, there will be a lot of remote working, flexible working hours and virtual meetings. For which, obviously you won’t have to take your car out. With such working conditions, consequently, there will be gaps between tyre checks and maintenance practices. Tyres will last longer, but will also show signs of aging and long-term damage if not looked at regularly. Therefore, we advise our readers to regularly inspect their car tyres. Even if they remain still or used once a while, they will be losing their tyre pressure and may even develop flat spots after being parked in the same position over time.

To save yourself from the hassle of replacing your tyres, follow the below tyre care checks every once a while:

  • Regularly monitor tyre pressure
  • Visually inspect your tyres, look out for any bulges, cuts and cracks
  • Keep a check on your tyre tread, it should meet the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm
  • Move your vehicle once a while to expose the part of tyre that was in contact with the road, look out for flat patches as they can make your tyres internally weak. Learn all about preventing your tyes from flat spotting by reading this guide by Conitental Tyres
  • Make sure to check the age of your tyres so that if tyre replacement if necessary, it can be done within the right time. Visit Headley Tyres and get best offers on car tyres in Basingstoke.

With the above tyre safety checks, we hope for you to have a safe and sound ride back to work!