How To Throw An Unforgettable Post Covid Party


With vaccinations rolled out, restrictions lifted, and Summer 2021 here, we can finally party! It’s now time to celebrate with friends, loved ones, and family members. Since most people will be venturing out to meet each other, it’s the perfect time to plan a post-Covid party. With so many things to do, people to meet, and places to see, planning a get together is a great way to mingle.

As always, it is essential to be careful about your surroundings and to ensure everyone is safe. Always keep extra gloves, face masks, and sanitisers for anyone feeling unwell. You should also communicate the safety measures to your guests beforehand. Since there would likely be a little apprehension, you could also set up video links for people wishing to remain isolated. You should also send e-vites to all guests, with some cute stickers and filters. Ensure there are plenty of sanitising stations set up around the venue, and keep an eye out for any refilling.

Let us look at how to throw an unforgettable post covid party.


Ideally, select outdoor venues with open seating. Outdoor venues are bound to be excellent choices in a post covid era. Backyards, lawns, beaches, local parks, and more are great ways to ensure adequate social distancing and fresh air. Other outdoor venues to consider would be rooftop bars, gardens, patios, and open terraces.

If you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, anniversary, belated celebration, or any other type of delayed news, it is best to keep the venue open and airy. If you’re looking to hire a band, you may also want to set up a dance floor. After the covid restrictions on movement, your guests may enjoy an evening of letting their hair down.


As we all know, the best parties are themed parties. Since you’ve probably been cooped up at home and haven’t had time to dress up, it’s best to throw a themed party. Some excellent themed party ideas are:

  • Carnival Theme: Masks, props, performers, dancers, installations, and flashy lights! Rio carnival themes, Caribbean themes, and more are excellent ways to get people together.
  • Coachella Theme: Everyone misses music festivals. If you can’t get to Coachella, you can bring Coachella to you. Send out invites to your closest friends, organise some fabulous music, armbands, headbands, and fluorescent glow sticks, and start a smashing Coachella-themed party.
  • 80’s Theme: The ’80s were an excellent decade. Bring out the vintage clothing, flair pants, long-haired wigs, and 80’s music. Dress up like Madonna, Michael Jackson, George Michael, or Sir Elton John, and have a fun night with your family and friends.


No party is complete without entertainment. Post covid parties should definitely have loads of entertainment for guests. Kids, young adults, adults, and senior citizens need entertainment and a change of scenery. When you’re planning the entertainment for your party, you should consider unique elements that bring everyone together.

Plan for things like photo booths where everyone can get together and click pictures that do not involve video call screenshots, magicians to entertain and wow guests of all ages with some cool tricks, impersonators who can voice Dolly Parton, the BeeGees, or Elvis, and so on. Other great entertainment ideas could be comedians. If you’re planning an adults-only night, we would suggest getting some stand-up comedians to liven the night so your guests can laugh together and relax with a drink and some great food.

Kids entertainment could include bouncy castles, non-toxic face painting, balloon twisters, and old-fashioned games like musical chairs, four corners, and more. Children also need to socialise and accept that things are slowly getting back to normal. Having separate entertainment for kids will also help parents unwind.

Food and Drinks:

Everyone loves great food. If your friends and family members like to have fun and relax with finger foods, you could set up a barbecue party. Add in some great flavours to meats and veggies. You could also have some fruits, tofu, and other dietary options for alternative eaters. If you’re having an appetiser evening, ensure there is plenty on hand for everyone.

Cocktails and mocktails work for everyone. Kids, children, young adults, and those that refrain from consuming alcohol could enjoy some vintage mocktails, while you could offer a more extensive alcoholic spread for those that want a good drink. Hiring a bartender to make some flaming shots and made-to-order cocktails can also get the party going non-stop. If you’re unsure about the drinks menu, always remember, you can simply stock up enough aerated drinks, juices, beers, red and white wine, and sodas.