How Your Back Office Can Significantly Impact Customer Experience (CX)


The back office in every company is truly an unsung hero. Back office operations are administrative jobs. They are the nitty-gritty, behind the scenes jobs the customer will likely never see or hear about or probably care about. Human Resources, payroll, accounting, F&A, database management, are all examples of back-office positions. A company is literally incapable of functioning properly without these positions being filled by capable and qualified staff. The back office hardly ever meets the customer, so how do these processes affect the customer experience?

Customer experience starts long before they ever interact with the company and may even start before the customer is even aware of the company’s existence. Good customer experience is predicated on a stable company functioning efficiently. Back office jobs are essential in ensuring daily operations run smoothly.

Without the back office, a company would not be able to pay staff in a timely, efficient way. Even the most dedicated staff will not work for free. A customer is not able to have any kind of experience without staff to interact with. Data mining is an important part of a company’s function. Data mining examines large amounts of data of varying kinds to learn about trends or other information to help tailor the company or product to find or meet customers and their needs. Human resources is an important department in any company because they help ensure happy and productive employees, who are then better equipped to meet customer needs. These are just three examples of many different positions and their impact on customer experience. Without back office support, the front office, or the part of the company interacting with customers, cannot function properly.

The back office is a very important part of the company, but that does not mean it is a stagnant part. The qualifications, position requirements, and needs of the back office are changing along with technology and the times.

Companies are adjusting to better serve their customers and these adjustments look at how every portion of the company can be better, more efficient, more cost-effective, and be of the highest quality. At the end of the day, companies want to ensure they are putting their best foot forward and serving their customer to the absolute best of their abilities. Customers are the driving force in the market, and their tastes are only becoming more refined and demanding of a quality product and excellent experience. Companies have started looking into and outsourcing their back office processes.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but it actually can be very beneficial to the company and the customer. Many back office tasks can be done remotely and do not need to be housed in the same location as the front office.

Outsourcing can achieve a higher quality at a lower cost, which frees up time and funds to be put towards bettering the customer experience.

One outsourcing provider that has managed to make a name for itself in the BPO industry is PITON-Global. The company has been providing content moderation and app support services for UK-based companies since its foundation in 2001. More than 18 years and several industry awards later, the company prides itself to providing best-in-class back office services at rates that are 60% lower than onshore bureau rates.

Back office positions are an afterthought as a customer, but they are the driving force behind a stable and efficient company. Without these positions, a customer does not have the best experience.