Hundreds of pounds worth of Snuggies donated to care home


A young entrepreneur who has only been able to see his nana through the window of her Redcar care home because of Covid restrictions has brightened up the day for her – and her fellow residents – by sending them a giant hug in the form of a Snuggy.

The co-founder of luxury loungewear company Snuggy donated hundreds-of-pounds-worth of stock to Roseberry Court Care Home, in Redcar, where his nana lives.

Twenty-six-year-old Joel Pierre gave £500-worth of the firm’s best-selling oversized hoodies, socks and hot water bottles to say thank you for looking after his nana, Anne Pierre.

The 80-year-old former NHS nurse moved into Roseberry Court two years ago after being diagnosed with vascular dementia and suffering from two strokes.

“The care home has been amazing throughout Covid,” Joel said. “We wanted to do something to give back and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

“It’s been really tough for them throughout the pandemic – not just for the residents, but for the staff, too.”

Joel gave £500 worth of Snuggies to the care home which were then distributed to the residents, including his nana, Anne.

“I haven’t been able to see my nana since before lockdown last year because of the Government rules,” he added.

“We’ve been allowed a couple of window visits but because we’re such a large family, it was tricky to decide who could go.”

Anne, who worked for the NHS for 44 years before retiring, had three children: Joel’s dad, John, his aunty, Michele and his late uncle, Ray, who died five years ago.

She also has six grandchildren, including Joel, and 12 great grandchildren.

“My dad and aunty Michele have visited her throughout the pandemic but none of the grandchildren have been able to, which is really heartbreaking for us and for her.”

Joel said Anne can’t communicate so although she seems to want to speak, she can’t get her words out.

“When we dropped the Snuggies off, we did see her through one of the windows and she did recognise me which was amazing,” he added. “Although she couldn’t speak, I could tell she knew who I was and her eyes lit up. It was a really heartwarming moment.”

Joel said the Snuggies are like a giant hug so this is his way of safely giving his nana a cuddle.

A spokesperson from Roseberry Court Care Home said: “This generous donation of Snuggies was a lovely surprise for our Residents and a great pick-me-up during these times. Our residents are loving their new loungewear and we’re exceptionally grateful to Snuggy for this kind gesture.”

Anne started working for the NHS in 1956, when she was just 17. Throughout her career, she worked as a nurse at the old Hemlington and Middlesbrough General hospitals.

“If the Coronavirus pandemic had happened when my nana was younger, she definitely would have been on the front line,” Joel explained. “Her whole life she cared for people and she loved being a nurse, so we’re all just glad she’s been looked after now by such kind and caring staff.”

Joel said Anne always used to say he would be an entrepreneur.

“She used to laugh and joke about how I’d have my own business one day,” he explained. “She could obviously tell from a young age that I was business-minded.”

Snuggy is only a young company but has already turned over more than £1 million and has plans to expand in 2021.

The firm donated more than £5,000 worth of products to charities across Newcastle during lockdown.