‘I could get in a fight with someone!’ Farage confirms he’s heading to the jungle


GB News presenter Nigel Farage has confirmed he will be taking part in reality TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’

Speaking to GB News he revealed his reasons for finally agreeing to taking part and the preparations he’s been making.

“They’ve asked me every year since 2016 to go in the jungle and I’ve always thought ‘no, it’s not the right time for me to do it.

“But I can’t do it next year because we’ve got a General Election, we’ve got the American Presidential Elections, so this year I’m free, in a way, to do it.

“You know, the referendum was a long time ago. There are a lot of young people out there who don’t know who I am and don’t know what I stand for. This is my big chance to reach a really big audience of young people which I think will be good for me and also very good for GB News too.

“That’s one reason for doing it. The second reason for doing it is, for over 40 years I’ve lived by the clock. Whether it was working in financial markets, whether it was in the European Parliament, whether it was being a radio broadcaster, a television broadcaster, a speaker.

“I’ve lived on news, numbers, and information. To go away from that for several weeks is one really big challenge: to confront things that are obviously frightening but to have to deal with them and come through them.

“The upsides are obvious. They’re obvious. You reach a whole new big audience, you test yourself in a way that you haven’t done for years, you make good money doing it.

“The upsides are obvious. The downsides – well look. It could be a complete, total car crash. A disaster. I might finish up having a fight with somebody – who knows! I might get voted out on the first round, I don’t know.

“But I know that things could go very badly wrong and you’re on camera 24 hours a day, seven days a week for up to 22 days that the contestants are in the jungle. So of course a lot could go wrong.

“But whoever did anything in life that was worthwhile without taking a risk?

“Worst nightmare, that’s easy – there’s thousands of them. Anyone who is an aggressive remoaner would be the worst nightmare.

“The dream to bunk up with? I refuse to answer that question on national television.

“No there isn’t any booze in there, which is quite a serious situation in my view.

“Equally, and just as important funnily enough is tea and coffee. So as a bit of training for going into the jungle I haven’t had an alcoholic drink, a cup of tea or coffee now for five days.”