If you are planning to study Spanish in Madrid during this summer, take note of these amazing activities you shouldn´t miss


Summer is the perfect time for relaxing and travel. If you are already planning your next Spanish language trip to Madrid, and you are already looking for interesting information about the city, you will be pleased to know that there are a lot of amazing things waiting for you there.

If you want to start enjoying your time there, even before starting your journey, here is a “must do” list you should read before leaving. Take a look!

Where to study

This should be the first thing to consider, once you have decided to take full advantage of your vacation and study Spanish in Madrid at the same time you enjoy the amazing food and its incredible lifestyle, among other exciting activities.

If you are looking for a Spanish school in Madrid, you should know that there are some incredible options where you can share this experience with other foreign students and that you won´t have to worry about anything because everything will be perfectly set up for you at the beginning.

Expanish, a Spanish school in Madrid, is an excellent choice for students who are looking for both learning and travelling on the same package. The good news is, that they will take care of every aspect of your trip and will make things much easier for you.

You only have to choose between the different options of Spanish courses in Madrid, and almost all the work will be done. After that, choosing your preferred accommodation will be easy and enjoyable. Depending on your privacy preferences and budget, you will be able to choose between a private or shared apartment or staying at someone else´s home, which is the best way to be completely immersed in the local culture.

Make plans and make friends

If you have chosen Madrid for your next Spanish learning trip, is because you also want to discover one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it certainly won´t let you down.

There are many things to do and visit, and that is another good reason for attending a Spanish course in Madrid.Imagine you can make plans for visiting the hottest spots in the city, while you share the experience with others, make friends and learn the language with out even noticing.

Make sure to jump in the amazing tours and outdoor activities the school has already arranged for their students. This is just like killing two birds with one stone, getting to know people form all over the world, while you have the most incredible time of your life learning another language.

Top 10 places to visit while in Madrid

So here is our top 10 list of Madrid´s highlights you shouldn´t miss. Make sure to write them down, so you can start planning your visit right away.

1. Plaza mayor

The iconic Spanish square you have probably chosen Madrid for. This should be one of your tops “must do” activities on your list. You would probably have the most over rated coffee ever, but it is totally worth it if you are already there! Maybe you can try your Spanish and ask for your coffee as if you were local.

2. Del Prado Museum

One of the most amazing European museums is located here, in Madrid, and you should not miss it if you want to travel in time and take a look at what renaissance looked like. It is an excellent tour for sharing with your classmates.

3. Santiago Bernabeu stadium

Most of the people who come to Madrid can´t resist the temptation of visiting Real Madrid’s home, one of the most popular football stadiums in Europe. Make sure you take a tour around the facilities and get to know every corner of this iconic spot. It is for sure that many classmates will enjoy this visit with you.

4. Gran Via

Madrid offers the most remarkable shops in Europe, and this is the place to go to find them, the Spanish mainstreet. Here is where all the entertainment begins, with opened nightclubs and theatres everywhere.

5. Parque del retiro

This Park was once a private property which has been opened to the public at the end of the 19th century. Great for meetings and for having a nice afternoon with your new friends, it represents the green heart of the city where you will also find the oldest tree planted in 1633.

6. Puerta del Sol

Speaking of meetings? This is Madrid’s top meeting point and you should go and visit this iconic square at least once, you probably will, though.  Don t miss the Post office building next to it, which has a big clock on top, famous for its new year´s eve count down.

7. Royal palace

The most amazing buildings in Europe are, by far, their royal palaces. These are always very popular attractions for tourists from all over the world. The Spanish royal palace is the largest one in western Europe and has a lot of invaluable art hanged on its walls.

8. Reina Sofia Museum

Speaking of art? Well, Picasso’s Guernica is showing up here so it is an unquestioned must do. This magnificent museum is certainly one of the places you should not miss while you are visiting Madrid.

9. Spanish food and “tapas”

We should probably make room for Spanish food and drinks. You will never get bored of trying its delicious tapas, everywhere you go. It is a local tradition spending some time during day, sharing “cañas” with your classmates, so, don t be afraid of trying different bars and restaurants each time you can.

10. Flamenco tablaos

As we said, Spanish food tastes better if shared with friends. Tablaos are amazing restaurants which offer both excellent local food and music shows with flamenco dancers and musicians, try not to miss their performance while visiting Madrid an enjoy a delicious meal.

Have an excellent time!

Now that you have already planned your next trip to Madrid, make sure to pack up your most comfortable walking shoes and Ole!