Ike Mann on Covid-19 and its effects on the Entertainment/Music Industry


As the world recuperates from the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot forget the mishaps this menace has brought to the entertainment and music industry. We must highlight that, from its onset until now, many things have changed and to the wrong side. However, players in the industry have come up with a series of solutions to stay afloat.

In this article we spoke to Ike Mann, a talent manager from London, England about how the pandemic has affected the music and entertainment industry and the challenges he faces in acquiring new talent to work with.

Who is Ike Mann?

Ike Mann is a London-based Talent Manager who collaborates with and releases new artists to the world. Born in the 80s, he developed an interest in the industry when Hip Hop, R&B, and other music genres were coming into the market. Publicists, managers and agents inspired Ike, and he soon obtained sufficient experience as well as made contacts in the sports and entertainment industries, which allowed him to reach those high-end celebrities.

Currently Ike Mann scouts for new talent on Sound Cloud, YouTube, and other platforms. He spends some of his time in Miami, Florida and partly in the UK. He is a renowned Instagram figure, and although he has rubbed shoulders with celebrities, Ike Mann remains humble.

How do you feel the pandemic has affected the music and entertainment industry?

Ike M: “The pandemic has grounded so many valuable things that the artists heavily rely on to survive, bearing in mind that this sector does not have paid leaves like other sectors. So, once the sources stop, there is little that an artist can do to sustain themselves apart from exploring online methods.

Since music is a business venture for artists with many relying on shows, concerts, and any way of live music, the industry has faced the worst. A large percentage of an artist’s earnings come from live events, while the rest combine various other music aspects.

Digital platforms have gained a lot of popularity, and many sites are experiencing increased subscriptions and viewing, which has slightly boosted the income.

Due to massive economic challenges, many businesses have stopped some activities like advertising because of less revenue. Now that many music channels rely on advertisements for income, the revenue from adverts has disappeared. A direct hit to the industry.

Many governments have still banned gatherings and hence no promotion tours and live performances to distribute new albums and content: This has made some artists hold album releases fearing failure to sell.

The collapse of the live industry has affected not only artists, but the thousands of people who work alongside them, from road crew and sound engineers to security guards and haulage companies.

How the pandemic has affected talent search

For Ike Mann to meet new talent, he normally travels to other countries and attends concerts, auditions, and festivals, which the governments have banned.

For more on Mr Mann, head over to his Instagram: @ikemann123