In-Depth Analysis of Breakout: The Dark Prison – New ARPG on Mobile Platform in 2019 – Is this game doing right?


By researching the game’s news and journal, we found that there is a notable game – Breakout: The Dark Prison is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Latersoft and will be available across both Apple iOS and Android platforms. Expected to release in the Summer of 2019, Breakout: The Dark Prison involves a variety of gameplay systems and role-playing elements. In this article, in-depth analysis will be done for the game based on the materials found on current news and resources we found.


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Basic Background of the Story

Before we begin, it’s better to understand the game’s background. Breakout: The Dark Prison takes place in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world where a viral outbreak has infected most of humanity. As a result, many of Earths inhabitants have mutated into zombies. The epidemic has spread worldwide, affecting all regions of the world. [1]

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Background Check of the game developer

In 2018’s G2E Asia, Latersoft, the game developer, has announced this game publicly and the game is under development since 2016 Oct. [2] From the studio’s background, they are likely a small studio in located in Hong Kong, but with a group of experienced developers, may be able to deliver the quality work. [3] From the articles posted in news and journals, the game may reach a quality bar that’s good for mobile platform with high-resolution 3D images and animations. However, that means the requirements of mobile devices will not be low to run this game smoothly.

Game-Play and Difficulty of the Game

Breakout: The Dark Prison incorporates role-playing elements with third-person view into its in-game systems. These include a player creator mechanic, whereby the player can select gender and create their chosen character by altering the appearance. Graphically, this game is a rare type on mobile platform. We may expect some noise from the market. [4] Compared to existing published game – Darkness Rise and Iron Blade which has fancy attacks and moves [5], Dark Prison, in constasts, is going more realistic style with hardcore fights and dodge skills. For gaming veterans, you may notice that this style is more closer to the big title: Dark Soul series on consoles. This game play could be new for mobile platform but at the same time, this could be challenging for new players. [6]

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Analysis of the Game System

In terms of weapons, the player has access to a wide variety of melee items. For example, bats, planks, barrels, vehicle tires, etc. All of which can be customized. Or, scrapped for materials. Long distance weapons range from pistols to rifles. Some of which require both hands to operate. All guns have stat modifiers which impact skills either positively or negatively. For example, some items carry effects that enhance strength, while others will reduce stamina. Furthermore, objects have a level cap and possess better stats the further along in the game the player is.

In Breakout: The Dark Prison, the player has a carry limit. As part of the game, players will need to manage items on the go. Also, players can sell things to make space and gain coin. Otherwise, it is possible to create and discard items to make room. The player must manage resources to progress in the game as this is a crucial factor. Inventory management is required in this game like Resident Evil series, but still in reasonable difficulty. [7]

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Missions and Tasks inside the Game

In Breakout: The Dark Prison, missions usually involve taking out waves of enemies in stages. All of which get harder in level. At the end of each section, the player will encounter a boss. All bosses vary and drop high tier loot after being downed. Killing a boss unlocks the next mission path. Hence, allowing the player to progress further in the game.

Breakout: The Dark Prison is also an online game. On that note, players can enter the arena to take part in PVP duels. Mainly, these exist to gain XP and better loot. All items acquired in the battle arena carry over to the main game.  Once the player completes a mission, they will get the option to choose from three cases, all of which carry loot of random value. An in-game shop allows the player to buy a variety of items with gems. In contrast, the player can spend real money to purchase certain things. Although, most items unlock as part of the main game.

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Preview and End Comments

There are pros and cons found by the game at this moment from the preview and journals. The good stuff is obviously the graphics of the game which looks great. Animations and actions of the game is also marvellous on mobile platforms. The drawbacks could be hardware-demanding as the game is in full-3D with heavy images and animations. Internet connection is also required as there are online PVP and Co-op modes that players cannot play the game on the plane. In conclusion, with the materials from official announcements and news, Breakout: the Dark Prison could be one of the notable mobile action games in 2019.

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