Inside Esthetica Clinic: Your elegant one-stop shop for laser and botox work


by Matt Martino

Pinch yourselves London, it really is happening! The most opulent and elegant clinic brand has arrived and we took a look around and had a chat with the boss-lady!

Boasting of a clientele mostly from Essex and the leafy WestEnd particularly the glamorous girls and guys, The Esthetica Clinic is your elegant one-stop shop for laser and botox work.

The talented owner of the brand Agnieszka Kosiorek or “Aga” as she is most commonly known as tells me “It has been my dream to bring laser technology to East London. I wanted to create a high end and glamorous environment for people to be able to benefit from these wonderful treatments.”

She adds “The lasers we are bringing are the the  most innovative and pioneering ever to be used in the aesthetics industry.  Our Doctors and Medical Staff are all Harley Street professionals. You will not find a clinic like this anywhere in the U.K.  I am so excited and proud.” 

Esthetica has the leading laser treatments available in the industry and is proud to offer The Soprano ICE Platinum laser which is only really available in Harley Street and Hollywood. In addition they will offer, BOTOX, Laser HAIR REMOVAL, FACE LIFTS and a whole lot more.

Since cutting the ribbon at their red carpet launch event last week, the new clinic has already proven a favorite among-st  the social circles.

Fancy popping in for a little peak?

Esthetica Clinic
87 Hoe St
E17 4SA