Inside London Alternative Fashion Week 2017


With London Fashion Week fast approaching there is something of difference headed our way!

London Alternative Fashion Week makes it’s debut for one night only on 21st September in London.

With a runway show, live entertainment and celebrity guests set to descend on the event in Piccadilly Institute, the real icing on the cake will be the Equal Awards.

The Equal Awards are being presented at London Alternative Fashion Week. The catrgories are as follows:

1. EQUAL’S Online Top model FEMALE
2. EQUAL’S Online Top Model MALE
3. EQUAL EVENTS Top Model FEMALE (On the night Public Vote)
4. EQUAL EVENTS Top Model MALE (On the night Public Vote)
5. EQUALITY Top Model
6. EQUAL’S Top Designer
7. EQUAL’S Top Body Artist
8. EQUAL’S Best Body Painted Model
9. EQUAL’S Best Musical Act

One of the organiser’s Aleah Leigh told us “I am excited to put on Alternative fashion week. Its nice to be able to be in full control of the nights entertainment. As a designer i find a lot of runways boring Go in watch them walk Up and down then you go, I have planned a full night of entertainment with super creative and quality performers.”

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