Inside The New Publication from Author Jon Del Martin


Sam Brayshaw leads a mundane life in a grimy London suburb, with a job that doesn’t suit him. As his affinity with nature leads to abilities he never knew he possessed, he gets drawn unwittingly into a power struggle between two ancient and powerful cults. Meanwhile, a dark threat is watching and waiting from a billion light years away, and it will only be satisfied with the total obliteration of all life on Earth.

He explains: “From a young age, writing stories has always been a great passion of mine. My imagination is like a hungry monster that needs regular meals, and pen and paper make the perfect knife and fork for it. I find no greater escapism than writing stories and knowing that I can go anywhere and make anything happen.”

He continues: “he global population crisis is a theme in the book and a great worry to me. It astounds me how many people are ignorant of the threat humans pose, and I’m hoping this book at least gives people pause for thought, on what they can do to help out future generations suffer a little less. Most of the characters have facets of my own personality (both the good parts and the bad). My children will read this book one day, and I’m hoping it gives some insight into my mind, soul and what I think is important in the world.”

The Earthenseers by Jon Del Martin is published on 30th April 2018 and is available on and