Insider Tips: 6 Of The Top Places To Go Stand-Up Paddleboarding In London


Paddleboarding is a fun activity that tests your physical strength and promotes bonding time between loved ones. With the onset of summer, you can take your paddleboard on the lake and relax with your family and friends. If you live in London, there are several places to explore and go paddleboarding. Instead of living the monotonous city life and visiting the mall this weekend, take your paddleboard out and visit one of the inviting spots with your family. While some of the places are well-known, others are rarely explored. Here are six of the best places to try paddleboarding in London.

  • Kew Bridge

This location is just 3 miles away from the center and stretches towards Richmond or Hammersmith. Since both routes provide scenic views and their own share of adventures, you can pick your own way. Before you head to the location, check the local paddleboarding businesses to get exclusive offers and discounts for your adventure. To reach the site, you can take a train from central London up to Kew Bridge station. You can then walk up to the water site. Some businesses also offer a change of clothes and showering facilities within the area, which makes the experience more convenient and comfortable. 

  • The Pontoon

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, this site offers the ultimate adventure for paddleboarders of all levels. You can also take paddleboarding classes offered by local businesses at this site. You can either take a day off and enjoy a solo paddle boarding trip at the Pontoon or host a paddleboard eco party for your entire group. Invest in a high-quality standup paddleboard to make the most out of your experience. You can also use it to fish or travel across the water body. This site is accessible from the main Richmond metro and train station. Whether you are alone on the water stretch or with your friends, you can embrace the beautiful riverside sites such as Eel Pie Island and Ham House. 

  • Brentford Lock

This site unites the Grand Union Canal and the River Brent at a specific locking spot and stands over canals. If you need a quiet day out on your paddleboard, this site is for you. It is away from the hustle of city life and offers a mellow experience, which is needed after a hectic and chaotic week. However, individuals traveling with a big group should reconsider their options as this site is narrow and quiet. You can either go paddleboarding with your small family or alone. Take the train from central London to Brentford and walk for five minutes to reach this site. 

  • Paddington Basin

Another site based on multiple canals, Paddington Basin stretches over a few miles and lets you explore a major part of the city area. The waters are calm and enable beginners to balance and paddle alone on their board. As you keep going, you can visit Regent Canal and Grand Union Canal on your way. If you are tired and need a break at the end of the day, visit one of the local pubs surrounding the canals. 

  • Kingston Upon Thames

When talking about paddleboarding in London, we cannot leave out the iconic River Thames and its picturesque view from the top. It is a great spot for animal and adventure lovers as it is a hub to several beautiful birds and animals such as kingfishers, swans, and grey herons. The site is accessible from several main areas of the city and is deemed a cultural landmark. Start at the Kingston Quay point and discover the secretive green patches on your way. Since this landmark also gives access to several eating joints and restaurants, you do not have to worry about carrying tons of food with you.  

  • River Lane

Located in Richmond, this site offers a beautiful sight and lots of greenery that feels surreal. Stay until the day of the day to see the scenic sunset across the horizon. One of the ways also leads you to the riverside pub, which can be visited after you are done with paddleboarding. This site also allows dogs on paddleboards, so if you need to take your pup on the trip, consider getting a paddleboard that can accommodate both. Once you reach the Richmond underground station, take bus number 65 to reach the site. 

Carry your camping equipment and take your paddleboard to one of these sites this weekend. Since paddle boarding offers a tranquil experience while enhancing your balancing skills, you can make the most out of this experience. You can peacefully chat with your friends while treading water or have a peaceful day out alone on the lake.