Interesting Facts About Boxer Dogs


Ever think about owning a pet? You will not regret it for sure if you choose your pet to be a boxer dog. We all know that dogs are lovely as pets, but boxer dogs are the next level!

Connection with a pet is only a thing that pet owners would understand. Most people say that their pet is like their best friend. And they are not wrong at all. Pets can feel when someone loves them and notice who treats them well.

Boxers are just as cute as any dog. However, different breeds have different personalities, and that is why important to know a bit of different breeds before deciding to get one. If you want to continue reading about this topic, please follow the link:

History of boxers

Before we continue, let’s take a short trip back into the past. Where do boxer dogs originate from? They are the descendants of a couple of different breeds from which some are extinct today. Bullenbaiser crossed with a bulldog, Great Dane, terrier, and a mastiff are the precedents to today’s boxer dogs.

But how this combination even happened? In Germany, back in the 19th century, people developed this breed to make a bull-baiting animal which would eventually help the butcher. There are a lot of speculations about their name from which one stands out the most. Many think that their name originates from the place they mainly were found, the German word box.

It took time before this new breed reached the soil of the United States of America. The first boxer was imported just after WWI finished. After that, it became one of the most popular pets. In the beginning, they were considered to be working dogs. People would mainly spot them walking with the police. Today, they can be found as a member of any family.

These dogs have become companions and guard too so many people it is hard to count. They are loyal, trustworthy, or in other words, a true friend.

About the breed 

Males and females differ from each other in their weight and height. Females can usually grow up to 25 inches and weigh about 55-65 pounds. On the other hand, males are generally 25 inches tall and could weigh up to 80 pounds.

Their little heads are squared and have a blunt muzzle. You can see a significantly expressed but rather short chest alongside a strong back. The exciting thing about them is because they were considered to be “on the field” dogs, their ears have been cropped for years! This was done to avoid other dogs from biting them on the ears when in a fight. Click on this link to learn more.

About the personality 

As mentioned above, these sweet pets can be distinguished by their loyalty to their owner and the owner’s close ones. They have a lot of energy inside them, so they enjoy playing and staying busy. If you take a closer look into their breeding, you would understand wherefrom all this energy comes from.

They like company and rarely bark. If they do, it is because they have sensed something that really doesn’t fit the picture, or in other words, they have a reason, a good one. Everything said above just makes you love them even more! They are all a person could want in a pet, right?


A lot of people live in a small apartment or a house without a yard, and they are concerned about the maintenance of the pet. To know the pet’s care is not essential only for the owner but for the dog too.

If a particular dog wants hotter weather, it will not enjoy places that tend to be cold for a significant period of the year. The boxers particularly enjoy colder climate and do not tolerate a lot of hot summers. Their fur makes them quickly hot, so if you are considering getting a pet like this, you need to focus on the environment surrounding them.

They are such a cute breed and enjoy a lot of companionships. Their high levels of energy ask for exercise or playing them a lot. A busy or occupied family might not be the right choice. They enjoy expelling their energy in a yard just by running or playing with a companion.

On the other hand, they are one of the easiest dogs. This dog has a short coat that requires only wiping them down and grooming them from time to time. Here are some excellent reasons why you should consider buying a boxer dog.

Smart pet 

This breed is brilliant and consistent when it comes to training. They are very intelligent and fast learners. This makes them an attractive choice to those who wish to teach their pets tricks and play with them some games.

Keeps you safe 

The history of the breed, as mentioned above, says it all. This dog will watch you and your family and will keep your home safe. They have guarding and territorial instincts and protect their owner. If you are looking for something like this in a pet, this is the right one for you.

Low maintenance 

Although this might seem like it is not that important, after a while, it becomes very. Many people are used to keeping their homes clean and tidy, and they get nervous if they have to clean all day. Luckily this pet doesn’t require much maintenance, and it is the perfect dog for an apartment too!