Introduce To INOKIM Models: Best Models!


Are you worried about buying an electric scooter in your town for transportation?. Well, it’s a good decision. But which motorized scooter is best to buy?. There are various models available in the market, but it’s tough to choose the right one.

Here, in this article, I will discuss the best INOKIM models & all the reasons for choosing these. So, stick with this article.

Israeli Pride

Nimrod Sapir is one of the successful Israeli designers who developed Inokim’s electric scooter. All parts of the scooter, such as the design & the folding mechanism of the scooter, were developed in Israel.

Quality Product

INOKIM is a solid & well-known brand in many countries worldwide. Israeli products are sold & imported to different places with a brand name sticker. Surprisingly, these products are entirely built-in one factory maintaining strict quality.

Unique Folding System With Registered Patent

You will find the most suitable & expert folding mechanism in Inokim electric scooters. It has a sophisticated & efficient folding system having two light movements without cumbersome closing mechanisms.

Digital Monitor & Power Switch With Registered Patent

The digital display monitor in ink’s LCD technology is made following a registered patent. It has excellent quality of travel speed, cruise control status, travel distance, battery charge status & so more. Moreover, for saving the battery, it contains black lighting for dark hours & a selfextinguishing mechanism.

Pneumatic Rubber Tires

Electric scooters which are sold in Israel are prepared with plastic tires. But it can not supply you a good trip on a smooth surface & also a little bit dangerous. The Enochs adult scooter has ten diameter pneumatic rubber tires. As a result, you will get a soft & comfortable ride with excellent safety.

Standard Character

The INOKIM scooter has a standard quality from the Israeli Standards Institute & Transportation. It is a deposition to its quality & safety.

Full Warranty For One Year

We will give you one-year warranty on our electric scooter. Our electric scooters were initially planned in 2009 & INOKIM has existence in Israel in four branches. We always help you if you face any problems after purchasing a motorized scooter within one year.

Better Performance

Lithium-ion batteries have a power of 36V/48 & 10.4 amps/hour. Besides, it has a powerful, efficient brushless motor with excellent performance. You will get a high maximum speed because its driving range is up to 40km. It can also carry up to 120kg weight.

The Experts In Electric Scooters

We at INOKIM experts only sell electric scooters. You will not get electric bikes, motorless scooters, or others transportation from us.

Inokim & The Israel Railways

Innokim is the only company that has got the approval of selling & providing service right inside the railway complex. Our branch covers a service laboratory at the Central Train Station in Tel Aviv(Savidor). It’s an exceptional quality of our products to carry the INOKIM scooter into a car, reach, open & drive it smoothly.

Get In With Him Everywhere

You can carry the Enochs scooter everywhere because of the excellent capability of folding easily. Another thing is that it has highly compact dimensions. You can accept it with you to the elevator, home, work, school, even at the campus of Tel Aviv University.

Do You Want To Upgrade It?

Innokim is a company that is trying to invent new models continuously. We are offering products with new features. Our customers get trade-in-service from us. We purchase old INOKIM from them & make renewed & advanced models. You will not get such an opportunity from any other company.

A Safety Electric Scooter

An electric scooter is an efficient & friendly transportation for the town. It will also be safe for the riders, drivers following a little awareness & responsibility.

The first thing first is to drive it calmly. An adult electric scooter is not a tool; it is a vehicle with surprising power. Riders get stable transport capabilities for riding in risky areas. Although sometimes it can disrupt the power of the engine & can cause wild rides, it’s not necessary to evacuate the full reaction potential of the vehicle.

An Electric Scooter As An Attached Vehicle In High Tech

Michael Kupferman is one of the booming high-tech men of the world leaders in the digital advertising field. Surprisingly, this man uses a folded Inokim scooter. He leaves his house for the train station in Binyamina & gets into the train carrying it. When he reaches the Tel Aviv University station, he goes to his office in Ramat Hachayal by driving his scooter.

Powerful Electric Safety Scooter For Train

Four things you need to know while using an electric scooter. These are:

1. An electric scooter is an Israeli invention
2. No necessity of any prior experience to drive it
3. No need of maintaining licensing or insurance
4. Can take on the train


INOKIM models are the best models. Hopefully, this article will help you tremendously to know about INOKIM models. Now, it will be easy for you to make the right decision.