Introducing Milky Mama: Tasty treats for better breast milk supplies


The lactation supplies company Milky Mama was first launched in the mid-2010s after its founder created a cookie recipe to help her produce more breast milk. Since it was first founded, the company has gone from strength-to-strength, helping new mothers across the US and around the world to provide sufficient amounts of breast milk. There are many reasons why a new mother might struggle to produce enough milk, but a common reason for this predicament is the return to work. This is because women need to feed their babies every few hours in order to make more milk.

A wealth of effective treats

Milky Mama has been supplying products to its global customer network even throughout the pandemic. Its most popular products include its lactation-boosting brownies, cookies, ‘LeMOOnade’, smoothies and tropical iced teas. The products are free from preservatives and can even be enjoyed by dads and older kids. They are totally safe to eat and made from natural ingredients.

Growing media coverage

The founder of the brand is Krystal Nicole Duhaney, a Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Krystal is a mother-of-two who decided to make her cookies more widely available after they helped her raise her milk levels. The company has been featured by media outlets like People Magazine, US Weekly and CBS News and has even received praise from a range of celebrities including Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin, who took to Twitter to say “I’m obsessed w/@MilkyMamaLLC lactation treats”.

Swifter milk production

The brand’s emergency brownies have proved particularly popular, enabling moms to produce sufficient supplies of breast milk at short notice. New items are regularly added to the catalogue, and a friendly, active community has sprung up around the brand, with mothers and Milky Mama staff swapping tips, advice and stories. A lactation support group now meets on a regular basis, and Facebook chats take place every week. Krystal is thankful for the “village of support” that the brand has generated.

9 out of 10 see changes

Many mothers have started purchasing Milky Mama products because of the way they enable them to produce breast milk without the need for a pump. 9 out of 10 mothers have noticed an increase in their lactation levels after using the products. Most women see a difference within just a few days, with others spotting a rise after around a week. Customers are encouraged to get in touch with the team whenever they have a query about any of the products or services the company provides. The treats have been so effective that many women have donated excess breast milk to other families. As the products make such delicious treats, some mothers have been forced to hide them to avoid running out after a few days.

Fresh milk-making treats

Mothers can get the best results from Milky Mama by eating a minimum of two cookies and a brownie or smoothie each day with a beverage. The products don’t need to be thrown away if they haven’t been used after a week. Instead, they can be put in the freezer for up to a fortnight to retain freshness. The products are also free from Fenugreek, which can cause problems like excess gas, low blood sugar and colic. Fenugreek has also been linked to breathing problems in asthmatics.

A global community

By signing up for the Milky Mama newsletter or following the team on social media, customers can remain fully up-to-date with the latest news and offers. New products and deals are being announced regularly. The brand has 350k followers on Facebook and 250k on Instagram, and numbers continue to rise. More and more international customers are ordering from Milky Mama after hearing great things from figures such as Coco Austin and hearing about their products online. Milky Mama also select a new brand ambassador each month to spread the word about the products and services on offer. People interested in becoming ambassadors simply need to get in touch with the team via social media or the website.

Working with employers

Manufacturing and supplying lactation support products certainly isn’t everything the Milky Mama team do. They work closely alongside parents and employers to ensure babies can gain sufficient access to breast milk. They have collaborated with businesses from a range of industries to help them source solutions like hospital-quality breast pumps, portable lactation rooms, virtual lactation consultancy services and breastfeeding support boxes.

Local and global support

Milky Mama customers can easily get in touch with lactation consultants via the website for accurate and relevant advice on flange sizing, latching, breast pumping, back-to-work planning and other topics. Regular breastfeeding support meetings take place at the Milky Mama base in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Support isn’t just limited to local customers – parents from around the world can contact the team online whenever they need to. The popularity of Milky Mama means babies look set to be fed brilliantly for many years to come.