Introducing Mimoza Thaqi- A Fashion Icon


This originally Albanian, now British Instagram influencer began her journey of fashion at the early age of 17 with modelling. She built a substantial following on Instagram who rave over her fashion and styling tips.

Her immense following is evident from her lavish style, which never disappoints. This, coupled with her work with well-known brands including FemmeLuxe, Nasty Gal, LyreFitness, Orphica Cosmetics, Tony’s Pitta restaurant and RedBull, to name a few, have led to her predicted success.

Mimoza Thaqi’s love for fashion is evident from her social media, and her dedication and talent has helped her launch her clothing brand, MimozaLuxe. Her fashion sense is truly jaw-dropping, and something multiple people would rush to recreate.

Mimoza Thaqi then decided to produce the clothing she made for herself at a larger scale so that other women could feel as empowered as her. She hopes to continue to inspire people with her fashion and style on a larger platform in the form of a business.

MimozaLuxe is full of a fabulous array of dresses and jumpsuits, all created by the influencer herself, who put her heart and soul into creating something that her fans would love. She looks at her brand as a method to connect more deeply with her audience and allow boss women with big dreams pursue whatever it is they put their hearts to because only when you feel confident with what you’re wearing can you perform your best.

So, go ahead and visit her Instagram page to get in touch with her fantastic sense of style with her other fans or head over to her brand’s website to take a look at the exclusive, fashion-forward outfits she creates.