Introducing Off the Cuff, the City of London Police podcast!


Welcome to Off the Cuff, the City of London Police podcast.

City of London Police have a history of trying new things, so they have recorded a series of interviews with officers and staff from across the force to shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes at a busy, modern police force.

They want to share some stories of the men and women ‘behind the badge’, and to give you real insight on what makes police officers – and a police force – tick.

As well as officer interviews, this initial series of episodes will feature historical pieces, and offbeat stories which might usually go uncovered. Each of these stories will give you an intimate and honest glimpse at the real City of London Police!

For our first episode, we hear from recently retired City of London Police Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Barnard. Paul reflects on his role, what brought him into policing, and what he plans to do next. Paul also goes into detail about his memories of the morning of the Bishopsgate bombing, of April 24 1993, which took place 25 years ago this month.


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