Investigative writer Tom Bower to pen biography of Boris Johnson


The investigative author Tom Bower is set to write the biography of Boris Johnson, the latest in a string of memoirs and biographies published on some of the UK’s most prominent public figures including David Cameron and John Humphrys. The award-winning journalist’s wife, Veronica Wadley, served as a senior adviser to Johnson during his time as mayor of London, and will no doubt contribute a great deal of insight and valuable content from her time working closely behind the scenes with the current PM.

Bower, who has been responsible for a series of damning biographies about high-profile figures over the years, has a reputation for unearthing shocking revelations about his subjects. Given that Johnson is reputed to have a notoriously colourful private life, the biography is likely to provide key insights into the storied political career and personal life of one of the UK’s most polarising figures.
Rutger Bruining is Founder and CEO of Story Terrace, a UK-based company which connects every day people with professional ghostwriters, giving everyone the chance to document and immortalise their life stories in autobiographies, or biographies of other people close to them. Bruining provides the following commentary on the importance and value of biographies in our society:

“Autobiographies and biographies have existed for thousands of years. The act of documenting our personal life stories has countless benefits in our society; they can bond families, connect communities and inspire nations, not to mention educate future generations. But when it comes to writing your autobiography, many people worry that their tale isn’t worth telling. We’ve found that if you ask the right questions, everyone’s life is interesting. You don’t have to be a celebrity or politician to have a story worth capturing – many every day people endure extreme adversity and experience overwhelming joy, and have incredible stories of failure and success”.