Is it possible to promote a YouTube channel through social networks


Today, the YouTube platform is a very powerful promotion tool. No matter what your industry is, this is the ideal packaging for your services or goods. There are many ways to grow your channel and achieve high traffic: from the ability to buy YouTube subscribers to use advertisements.

The understanding of the effectiveness of methods comes with experience and the appearance of statistics. In this article, we will consider one of the free options and see if it is possible to push through the YouTube channel using social networks.

Should you post videos on various social networks?

Whether views in social networks are taken into account correctly and whether are they properly displayed in the channel statistics? The answer is no. YouTube does not correctly take into account the data because it does not trust social networks. It only counts its own internal traffic with high precision.

The second problem is that views can be written off and this often happens. For example, if you have 1000 views today and your main traffic is from external sources, then in a week the figure may change downward. YouTube writes off views after additional checks and YouTube statistics are constantly being modified. Monetization revenue data is being scrutinized more closely.

In most cases, videos that are embedded in other social networks do not show advertisement or contain its minimum. Accordingly, if your main source of traffic is external resources and social networks,   the income from monetization will be very low.

Is it possible to prevent the embedding of videos?

Turning to the above problems, some people want to prohibit embedding a video clip and in return leave a link to make people go to the YouTube platform and watch on the channel.

In most cases, it doesn’t work that way. People are accustomed to being within the same ecosystem, and if a person watches a VKontakte feed, he will not want to go to YouTube. He will make the transition with rare exceptions if the video is very important to him. There will be few such people if we are talking about mass content. Prohibiting the embedding of videos will only reduce the reach.

What advertising strategy is effective for a YouTube channel?

If you are promoting for free, focus on the quality of your content and use it as a powerful involvement tool. Find out more information about the optimization settings to help you promote your videos to the top positions faster. Be active on other channels to build communication thus attracting new subscribers.

Advertising promotion works well under one platform. Therefore, among the paid promotion methods, an excellent strategy will be advertising in a video format through GoogleAds. Use thematic advertising from bloggers with a relevant target audience and sufficient activity. To quickly create the first audience, you can buy YouTube subscribers cheap, so you will hang loyalty through social proof.

Test different promotion options and strengthen those that work best. If your goal is to create a large audience, keep in mind that this process is constant and works at a distance.