Jameson Orange Wednesdays launches today to support local cinemas


The much loved 2 for 1 cinema deals are making a comeback thanks to the launch of Jameson Orange Wednesdays in a bid to support local cinemas and celebrate the release of Jameson Orange from the UK’s favourite Irish Whiskey brand.

This will be welcome news for the two in three (64%) Brits who would be upset if cinemas had to close again and the one in three (36%) who missed the big screens during lockdown, ranking them higher than missing nightclubs, gigs and the gym (24% each).

The one fifth (22%) of Brits who pine for 2 for 1 Wednesday cinema deals, will be happy to hear that the Jameson Orange Wednesdays initiative is kicking off with a trial partnership with Dalston community cinema, Rio.

The cinema is offering 2 for 1 film tickets every Wednesday throughout November, with a free Jameson Orange serve to over 18s using code JAMESONORANGE online or in the cinema.

Actor and comedian Steve Furst, who is known for his love of both Orange and Wednesdays, has teamed up with Jameson to help spread the word of the offer, commenting:
“2 for 1 cinema deals have always proven popular and they’re a great thing to do on a mid week hump day, making Wednesday the perfect day to enjoy them. Who wouldn’t want a FREE cinema ticket… with a FREE Jameson Orange… on a WEDNESDAY? Count me in!”

The new research from Jameson Orange also showed that the pandemic has made a third (33%) appreciate the cinema even more and a quarter (24%) want to start going more.

Encouragingly, cinema attendance is nearly back to pre-pandemic levels, with the average cinema goer currently enjoying 9.7 trips a year, versus 10.4 pre lockdowns.

Top reasons for enjoying the cinema are seeing our favourite movies on the big screen (43%), seeing the latest movies (41%) and for 36%, it’s simply ‘getting out of the house’. Other reasons include supporting independent local cinemas (20%), the popcorn tasting better (23%) and for one in 10 cheeky Brits, it’s kissing in the back row (10%).

Leanne Banks, Marketing Director for Jameson in the UK said, “We’ve launched Jameson Orange Wednesdays to celebrate our latest whiskey expression, Jameson Orange, and also to support local cinemas that have struggled over the last 18 months. Jameson is known for its involvement in film festivals and film projects and so we can’t wait to kick this one off with a trial partnership with independent cinema, Rio. Together, we’re offering cinema goers 2 for 1 tickets on all movies on Wednesdays in November as well as 2 for 1 Jameson Orange for over 18s.”
Oliver Meek, Executive Director at Rio Cinema said, “Many independent cinemas like us were hit hard by the pandemic but it’s fantastic to see people’s love for the big screen hasn’t faded, if anything it’s been enhanced. It would be devastating if independent community venues had to close, but the Jameson Orange Wednesdays initiative is a huge help and a great way to encourage cinema goers to come back.”