Jerome Jackson, A Hit Musician and Music Producer, Makes Waves Across Social Media


Jerome Jackson, a hit American musician, and music producer, has been making waves among audiences worldwide. With his latest work featured on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, Jerome Jackson has been showcasing his artistic talent and creative talents despite disability and is looking to connect with more fans in 2020.

An accomplished pianist, much of Jerome Jackson’s work demonstrates his passion for music. Performing despite a disability on his right hand, Jackson plays covers to some of the hottest songs of our time that chart the Billboard 100, including recent covers of songs such as “Old Town Road,” “Lucid Dreams,” “I Want You To Know,” and “Cheap Trills.”

Familiar with online success, Jerome Jackson was an early creator on Twitter’s Vine platform. Uploading covers and utilizing his talents as a pianist, the young musician and music producer amassed a loyal following of 230,000 followers from around the world. Regularly uploading creative work that showcased his raw talents, his unique style and personal story resonated with viewers from around the world and helps him to achieve profound success early on.

In 2020, Jerome Jackson is looking to expand his work and connect with more fans on major social media channels. A testament to the power of perseverance and dedication, coupled with artistic talent and creativity, Jerome Jackson is empowering a new generation of musicians and music producers, connecting with new fans worldwide, and showcasing his invigorating talents.

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