Journalists believe Facebook has too much power as a source of information


Journalists worry about the consolidation of power in giant social media companies – a concern that has become more apparent during the last couple of years, Mynewsdesk’s latest report reveals. Of the journalists surveyed, 71% believe Facebook has too much power as a source of information, and 61% cited they think Google/YouTube has too much power.

Also, social media’s role as a source of information has decreased, compared to 2016. Then 66% of the journalists cited social media as a key source of information, while in the latest report only 53% cite it – a 13% drop.

Today Mynewsdesk shares the third report from the annual journalist survey. The new report “Social Media Reset” explores how journalists use social media to source stories and disseminate news. Over 3,000 participants shared their views on the subject.

As expected younger journalists cite that they use Facebook and Twitter to report and distribute news on a regular basis more than their more experienced colleagues. Divided into channels (Global average in bold, compared to journalists with 7 years experience or less);

  • Facebook (64% vs 79%)
  • Twitter (52% vs 65%)
  • LinkedIn  (20% vs 20%)
  • YouTube (14% vs 14%)
  • Facebook Live (9% vs 8%)
  • Snapchat (3% vs 6%)