Karan X Look Mate London Collaboration Launches


This autumn innovative sock label Look Mate London unveil their first ever pair of highly original, two sided socks. Designed by gifted artist and illustrator Karan Singh, the new 241 socks are a play on perspective and feature a different design on either side of the socks – giving a different look depending on which side you are looking at.

Based in Amsterdam and internationally recognised for his work with Instagram, IBM, Apple, Air Bnb, Nike and the band OK Go, Karan’s bold and colourful work is a playful reimagination of op-art minimalism particularly focusing on depth and dimension through pattern and repetition.

Working with Look Mate was a creative challenge he relished and his design is an exciting new addition to the Look Mate range.

He comments “I’m especially interested in perspective and illusion in my work; This design in particular was inspired by anamorphic illusions which require the viewer to be in a specific position to view the installation.

‘241’ is a play on this, and explores how we see different perspectives or in this case a different design, depending on which side you look at then.

Embedded on off-white these socks feature Karan’s signature arresting modern prints and are made from organic combed cotton for a luxurious foot feel. The new 241 socks are priced £12 per pair and will launch this autumn.