King’s Cross launches its first-ever audio tour with Russell Tovey: art, architecture and a little cultural adventure


Join celebrated actor and art aficionado Russell Tovey as he takes visitors on a tour of the rich cultural history of King’s Cross, from the smoky heart of Victorian industry and London’s underground clubbing heyday to today’s vibrant London hotspot.

From today, 27 April, Russell Tovey is inviting visitors to rediscover one of London’s most vibrant districts in a new 45 minute audio guide which explores the art, culture and history of King’s Cross.

In King’s Cross: Art + Culture Tour, Russell Tovey guides listeners through the world-class art installations, famous architecture both old and new and the rich cultural history of the King’s Cross area.

King’s Cross has some serious history, nearly two thousand years of it – from the warrior Queen Boudicca and her final battle with the legions of Rome to the railway yards of the Industrial Revolution. Once at the smoky heart of Victorian industry, by the mid-1990s King’s Cross had become decidedly rough around the edges and was home to a legendary underground club scene. Today, the world-famous destination is home to a diverse and thriving community of businesses, brands and students who have created a neighbourhood of innovation and creativity.

Commenting on the new audio guide, Russell Tovey said: “We’re all emerging from a pretty crazy, insular year but we’re so lucky to be in London at this time where there’s so much art and culture at our fingertips, and it’s the perfect way to reconnect with our great city. I think this summer is going to be all about rediscovery – of our city, our self, our friends and family, our passions. My advice, start with King’s Cross as it’s a real gem and there’s so much to see, learn and discover – and you only need 45 minutes for my jam packed Art & Culture Tour.”