Kinya Claiborne, Black Content Creator, Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion Through STYLE & SOCIETY

Written by Thy Nguyen//


Kinya Claiborne, a Black content creator as well as founder and editor-in-chief of STYLE & SOCIETY Magazine, celebrates diversity and inclusion in both her work and daily life. Kinya constantly amplifies her voice by speaking out about diversity in content creation. She has been featured as a guest speaker on several panels where she addresses diversity and what it’s like to be a Black influencer, created videos and content holding brands accountable for not being inclusive or amplifying Black voices, hosted a Revolve takeover highlighting Black-owned businesses and has published countless articles that focus on supporting Black-owned brands. She has used her influence to inspire her audience through droll-worthy content on her Instagram @kinyaclaiborne where she breaks stereotypes and indulges in diverse activities such fly-fishing in Park City, Utah and visiting elephant sanctuaries throughout Thailand. Kinya encourages others to live life to the fullest by sharing her experiences via STYLE & SOCIETY Magazine, the online phenomenon that started as her passion project.

STYLE & SOCIETY is one of the hottest online publications in Los Angeles that covers everything from lifestyle, fashion, food & drinks, travel, entertainment, and events. You’ll find the hottest fashion trends, a front-row view into some of the most exclusive red-carpet events, travel destinations, food & drink guides and lifestyle tips. Although there is a worldwide pandemic amidst, STYLE & SOCIETY is still going strong and has discovered new ways to provide its readers with dynamic content and tips for living your best life during these times.

Check out the magazine for your dose of fashion trends, how to support small businesses during uncertain times, food and drink brands you can enjoy from home, a sneak peek into virtual events, drive through events and so much more!

Photo Credit: Craig Blank

The ongoing pandemic has challenged the STYLE & SOCIETY team to adapt to the new normal of virtual events, drive-through events and social distancing. These virtual events consist of zoom meetings, virtual movie premieres and digital conferences. Brands like HBO and AMC have elevated the virtual event experience by sending board games and movie night snack baskets prior to the event. Other brands have also included virtual gift bags that allow attendees to redeem a gift that will be mailed to you after the event. The STYLE & SOCIETY team has attended drive-through food festivals, gifting suites, movie premieres and Halloween experiences. The new normal for events has shifted dramatically and staying in your car, wearing a mask and social distancing is the latest style. Some even have a drive-through red carpet with a photographer that will email your photos afterwards. These events are fun ways to get out of your house and enjoy life in a different kind of way!

Travel plans this year may have been cancelled and postponed, but adventures still live on. This is the perfect time to rediscover the beauty of your city and your hometown. Visit the places on your bucket list that are down the street from you, support your local restaurants, plan a day trip in a city near you, or treat yourself to a staycation at a local hotel. Kinya Claiborne has been discovering hidden gems all over Los Angeles during this pandemic and has collaborated with several local restaurants in an effort to support small businesses in their time of need. She recently stayed at The Glenmark Hotel, a luxurious hotel located in Glendale, California that opened just a few months ago. Kinya and a couple of her STYLE & SOCIETY team members were able to explore a new city, relax in a lavish hotel and get a taste of the suite life. They were also treated to a fine dining experience at both of the hotel’s hot restaurants, Olia and Mila Rooftop, and were served trendy menu items that had a unique but delicious taste. Local exploration is the perfect way to get your dose of fresh air, travel and inspiration while staying safe.

Photo Credit: Craig Blank


STYLE & SOCIETY is not only diverse in the topics it covers, but also consists of over two dozen team members spanning the globe. The team members all vary in age, ethnicity, and location ranging from Asian and Black team members to members who live in New York and Ghana. The STYLE & SOCIETY team has been working with one another and supporting one another throughout the pandemic by collaborating on creating content that educates our audience and spreads awareness about societal issues. The team recently partnered with Kollection and Skinny Tees for an empowering photoshoot to promote diversity, inclusion and encourage everyone to love their own skin. STYLE & SOCIETY has grown into a community where all members constantly uplift each other, support one another in big milestones and embrace and celebrate the diversity within our team.