Kynia Thrower on the Benefits of Being a Healthcare Worker


Kynia Thrower isn’t your typical healthcare worker. She has been interested in the healthcare industry ever since she was young, when she would take care of her aging grandmother and provide care for her on a regular basis.

Being caring and compassionate has always been part of Kynia Thrower’s nature, getting involved in the community and helping those in need.

“That’s what interested me the most about becoming a healthcare provider,” says Thrower.

For Kynia Thrower, the benefits of being a healthcare worker are in being able to make a difference in the lives of others.

Kynia Thrower says her role is about more than just taking care of the basic needs of patients. It’s also about interpreting their greater needs and understanding how they want to be cared for. Some patients need physical and emotional support, others enjoy the company of others.

Sometimes it’s a balancing act to get every part of extended care for patients right, but it’s one that makes the job enjoyable.

Everybody appreciates being cared for in their own individual way, and Kynia Thrower excels in her role because she is sensitive and accommodating towards their needs.

“As my grandmother aged, I learned to love taking care of her,” says Thrower.

Kynia Thrower’s career in the healthcare space has been one with many lessons. One of the main lessons Kynia Thrower gleaned from taking care of aging people is that patience is a virtue.

When somebody is ill, things often get done a lot slower or require more time and attention. That’s why coming to terms with new realities and adjusting your expectations is important in the healthcare industry and in life.

Kynia Thrower says the majority of people she cares for are resilient and don’t let their circumstances get the best of them. With every patient, comes the opportunity to make a new friend and to contribute positively to the life of somebody else.

“My favourite part about my job is being able to put a smile on somebody else’s face,” says Thrower.

“One of my first tips for people who want to get started in the healthcare industry is to lead with kindness.”

Kynia Thrower says patience combined with kindness will always help you excel in the healthcare space. It’s not always easy to operate with kindness when your job is stressful, but it’s imperative that you try to make the best of your situation.

Another principle Kynia Thrower has adopted throughout her time as a healthcare worker is to treat her patients like family. If you think of your patients as your own family, you will be even more compelled to take the best care of them. You will also grow to have a high level of empathy for each and every patient.

With all of this great advice, Kynia also has a message for her audience: “Remember that you will be old someday as well.”

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