Labour Party MP Jess Phillips and Fidelity demand government address women’s pension gap


Today, Fidelity International are launching a first-of-its-kind Women & Money Innovation Lab, bringing together industry, consumers, government and stakeholders to identify ways of unlocking the financial power of women with agreement on actionable solutions needed to remove the obstacles faced by women to investing.

Coinciding with the 90th anniversary of women securing equal voting rights, the first Lab takes place in conjunction with the publication of ‘state of the nation’ analysis into the barriers preventing women from unlocking their investment potential.

Available today and throughout the week, is exclusive insight from the Lab with an overview on Fidelity’s ‘Financial Strength of Women’ report.


Take-outs from Fidelity’s Women & Money Innovation Lab include:

• Changing the focus of the investment conversation to talk about the ‘outcomes’ and benefits of investment rather than focusing too much on the product

• How do we help women make the leap from saving to investment? Women are diligent savers, but it can seem like a big step – we need to make it easier

• Telling stories – about the personal experiences of investing, to help engage other potential female investors.