LAD ABOUT TOWN: Model Josh Clayden Tells All In Candid Chat


Social media star Josh Clayden has been keeping busy this year, we caught up with him to discuss his modelling and his much anticipated move to USA!

Q. What have you been up to lately Josh?

JC: Lots and Lots, been at loads of festivals and press launches, also been working very hard behind scenes getting my social media up to date and Vlogging and filming with mates, also been in talk with a few TV shows but all will reveal soon. My twitter has recently been verified and I have been contacted by so many brands and celebrities to work with them on different projects.

Q. You have modelled Tom Zanetti’s clothing brand – how was that experience?

JC: It’s amazing, Tom reached out to me over twitter and text asking me if I wanted some of his clothing, I was like hell yeah, this clothing is dope his clothing brand is called HEARTBREAKERCLUB so be sure to go check his clothing out because it is honestly so so nice, it’s such a good fit and the material is immense, I love it, Tom is doing so well lately and has just dropped a new banger called “MORE AND MORE” He is such a down to earth artist and I have so much respect for him as he is so caring also. The lad will go far!

Q. There is rumour about you signing up for an American management company – what can you tell us?

JC: Well I can’t talk or say a lot, but I am flying to America and have been approached by a big management out in Los Angeles, so I have asked my good mate ADAM FRASER, if he’s down for flying to America with me, we have been approached by two big Social Media Tours out there and also loads of YouTube and Beauty events. 

I want to prove people I am capable as want to prove people I can achieve, more to the fact I want to get successful just to make the haters hate more, they’re just jealous but I let it go over my head now, all is going good and I’m living a dream.