Lady of London – Meet Lady Charlotte Armstrong.  


This Essex-born London based multipreneur and a powerful force in the business world is also a mother to 5 children.

Of the many things that have attracted people’s attention and turned their heads across the world, no one can deny that the rise of many female entrepreneurs taking over the world of business like powerful forces made the most headlines. These female stars in the business world have stood tall in their endeavours, radiating a certain level of brilliance in their works and all that they have ever chosen to do in their lives. We came across one such highly driven and passionate multipreneur or should we just call her ‘mompreneur’ named Lady Charlotte Armstrong, who has indeed created a special place for herself in the whole of London with her businesses, her work ethics, her madness for creating a difference through her work and her commitment to motherhood, raising five beautiful children.

Lady Charlotte Armstrong was born in Essex to a Black British Mother and East London Jewish Glaswegian descent father and is a London native. Also, her accent often is intriguing to people stateside. Growing up in Essex and Hertfordshire, the UK, she was attracted to all things creative and artistic. Moving to London in early teens. In her own words, “I fell in love with the art world in London, where I realized I had an actor in me.” Lady Charlotte’s love for London could also be known by the kind of different work she has done and has been doing, right from starting her career as an actress. She featured in the BBC cult hit series Grange Hill, Hope and Glory. From there, she drew her own path in the city as she grew up and today is at the forefront of her successful companies, which she runs from Central London HQ.

In a city like London that keeps hustling and bustling with different people from different industries, Lady Charlotte made her unique standing even amidst much noise in the business world, which already has many other successful players. She did all this on her own as a self-made female entrepreneur from London while also balancing five children.

The ace multipreneur also says that she holds a deep love for East London as her grandmother, who passed away from Covid-19, was an East London Bethnal Green native. Her businesses include Too Glam HQ, making her a sought-after beauty entrepreneur. The brand has a huge following on Instagram (, offering Vegan environmental bio – Degradable diamond dust Hair products. Another firm of hers is the LIP © Female Empowerment movement, which was created during the pandemic as a community to connect like-minded women to encourage them to find their inner Power through positive energy and motivation (

Though Lady Charlotte has been making a lot of buzz with her businesses across the world, London truly has her heart, she highlights. To get more deets about her, follow her on Instagram @itsladycharlotte