Leave Your Baldness in 2021


Years are passing by, and inevitably we are getting older. Our bodies are changing, more wrinkles are appearing and our hair is falling! Now, you can’t stop your body from ageing, that’s for sure. And you can’t put the hair that is lost, back on your head. However, with the new beauty and aesthetics advancements, it’s possible to hide the age we are in and literally put more hair on our heads with hair transplantation.

How to Tell if You’re Going Bald

Hair loss is actually a normal part of our daily process, as all of us shed around 50-100 hair strands daily. This hair grows back in its due time so we are not even bothered by this daily hair loss.

However, some people are not that lucky as they lose more hair daily and in the end, their hair starts thinning. This can result from various factors, such as genetics, diseases, hormonal imbalance, chemicals and even hair-breading.

If your hair is getting thinner and you see more hair strands on the shower, these might be a sign that you’re going bald.

What to do to Fix Your Baldness

You might be feeling stressed thinking that you are stuck with a bald area on top of your head. Well, you’ll be thrilled to hear that baldness can be fixed with a hair transplant then! It just takes 6 to 8 hours of your life and a couple of weeks for recovery. Your hair can look even better than it was before you started losing your hair.

Hair transplant surgeries are performed with local anaesthetics and are basically procedures where your healthy hair is taken, then transplanted on the bald areas. We have plenty of healthy and strong hair on the backside of our heads, which is the donor area. During the surgery, the surgeons replace this healthy hair, just like changing the pot of a plant!

It’s great news that your body has the backup of the hair you’ve been losing throughout the year to replace them. However, your suitability for this surgery still depends on the quality of the “donor” hair and the extent of your baldness.

When to Have a Hair Transplant?

As soon as possible! We said that the surgery takes only 8 hours, however, the recovery period lasts for almost a year (and maybe longer). If you want to see yourself with a hairline when you look at the mirror, don’t postpone your hair transplant and book it for your earliest convenience.

The Hair Growth Timeline

Ever heard of the saying “It gets worse before it gets better?” We bet it was said for the hair transplant recovery! Don’t expect your transplanted hair to sprout immediately after your surgery. First, you will see them falling (again, and for the last time) due to the shock they received during the surgery. However, they will regain their strength and start growing back in 3 months time. After the first 3 months, you will have more growth each month.


While we’re getting closer to 2022, if you’re looking for a new years gift for yourself, you should definitely consider a hair transplant procedure. Since the results take some time to show, start your planning as soon as you can.