Letter To Editor: We ask Mayoral Candidates to stand up for people living with cancer


Hundreds of Londoners have signed an open letter urging London Mayoral Candidates to become Cancer Champions, once elected. We are asking the candidates to pledge to stand up right now and support the 210,000 people living with cancer in the capital who need support now more than ever.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, thousands of vital cancer treatments, appointments and care were postponed or cancelled. Since the start of the pandemic, 15% fewer people in London have started cancer treatment compared to the year before.

Macmillan Cancer Support hears every day from people in desperate need of help. People still can’t get the timely support they need and the emotional impact of the outbreak is continuing to take its toll on people already struggling.

The Mayor of London can be the voice of people living with cancer and work with Macmillan to offer vital support. So, we are asking the candidates to agree, if they are elected, to:

1) Work with Macmillan to make sure everyone knows how to get cancer support.

2) Meet people living with cancer from London within the first 100 days of getting elected.

3) Take part in World’s Biggest Coffee Morning this September to help raise funds for people living with cancer.

We think cancer matters. Do you?

Signed by

Sarifa Patel and Kris Chadwick, Macmillan Cancer campaigners