Lib Dem Siobhan Benita launches Mayor of London campaign


LibDem Siobhan Benita says she’ll deliver a safer, greener, kinder London as she launches campaign to be the next Mayor

Liberal Democrat Siobhan Benita launched her campaign to be the next Mayor of London putting centre stage her “distinctive combination of competence, kindness and a collaborative approach”.

Photo credit: John Russell

Speaking at the First Dates restaurant by St Paul’s Cathedral under the slogan of ‘Love London Better’, Benita outlined her vision of a “safer, greener, kinder London”.

Benita is aiming to be the first LibDem and first female Mayor of London and said London was ready:
“London dares to be different. It has so far delivered three very different Mayors who have captured Londoner’s hearts and minds in different ways. What could be more different than a Liberal Democrat female mayor? It’s time.”

She rejected Sadiq Khan’s attempt to frame the election as a two-horse race, saying:

“Sadiq Khan recently turned up in my backyard to ‘love bomb’ liberal-minded voters and to try to make out that this is a two-horse race between him and the official Conservative candidate. Whilst I’m happy he loves liberal values, he is not writing this woman out of the race. The reality is this a different election, with a different voting system and any number of candidates could end up as the main contender in this campaign.”

She was critical of Mayor Khan for his failure to get a grip on the basics in London:

“London is the best city on earth but it pains me that so many things are not working. Knife crime is out of control, rough sleeping at its highest level in years, our air is toxic and commuters are bearing the brunt of a creaking transport system every day. These are all areas where the Mayor can make a difference. So, today, I’m outlining my vision for a city that is safer, greener and kinder. I believe I have the experience, the energy and the skills to deliver it.”

Photo credit: John Russell

Benita was introduced at the launch by LibDem leader, Sir Ed Davey, ex-Metropolitan Police superintendent Leroy Logan and LibDem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon. Also attending were LibDem MPs Layla Moran, Munira Wilson and Sarah Olney.