Local artists release exhibition as a response to a rapidly changing urban landscape


The creative collaboration of the two artists Cartrain and Raymond Salvatore Harmon evolved from the London street art scene and the cultural hub that was Hackney Wick. Escape from Brexitland is their response to a rapidly changing urban landscape.

As the last remaining warehouses in East London are converted into luxury flats, London’s status as the world’s art capital is fading. The works in this exhibition are directly influenced by a money-driven environment that allows little public space for creative expression, and provide a unique insight into the artist’s interpretation of the end of a political and cultural era.

Both artists merge street sensibilities with fine art qualities. Cartrain expresses his critique of modern society by mixing found items of iconic imagery with graffiti elements. His work can still be found on walls acrossLondon.

Raymond Salvatore Harmon works from an open air studio and has developed a unique abstract and often architectural aesthetic. He presents a scaled down body of work that takes canvas into the 3D realm.

Escape From Brexitland

Cartrain | Raymond Salvatore Harmon

22 – 24 June 2018

Three days only, open 12 noon to 6pm Friday to Sunday