Local autistic artist receives recognition from Liverpool FC


Yesterday I met Canadian born amazing artist Kristin Wilkinson. We have been chatting on Social Media for nearly a year after I saw her pencil drawings from ‘Call the Midwife.’

Kristin is a HUGE fan of Liverpool FC and has caused a bit of a stir on social media with her detailed Liverpool FC favourite themed drawings.

Kristin has close family ties to the city, and his a life long fan of the club.

Kristin shared with me that her grandad is from Liverpool and that was his team since a boy, so he passed that love of his team to Kristin. She said every weekend we would all gather around the television and support the team and watch them play. She said ‘Seeing them on the telly singing before a game sends shivers down my spine.’ Kristin said she has always had a strong passion for art from a young age and can drift off into her world and take time out my creating these amazing drawings.

“I can recall always drawing as a child. My mother even has a photo of me at the age of four drawing with crayons and pencils. I stood out from other children my age that I remember. People would complement my work, and at a young age that didn’t really mean too much to me, but as I grew older I started to realise that my drawing ability was different than my peers.”

What is so inspirational that Kristin has now made a name for herself out of her hobby and is getting paid for something she loves.

Kristin shared that 4 years ago she went through an assessment some tests and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome which finally helped her realise why she does the things she does, and one of my traits is my ability to see the details that others can’t. This helps me focus and achieve the results with my pencil drawings.

Kristin said the response to her work is overwhelming. I am a true fan of Kristins work and was proud to see her portfolio close up in Covent Garden recently when we met for lunch.

Kristin shares she kind of really does her drawings for herself it usually takes two days for a portrait or a little longer depending on my spare time and they’re just for fun. I draw what I love which is usually Call the Midwife characters and obviously my beloved Liverpool FC

The highlights for me are to have someone like Kenny Dalglish or Jamie Carragher acknowledge my work which is totally mind blowing.

Kristin now works as a tattoo artist in Canada and is becoming well known in this field.