Local brand is bringing 200 million-year-old reptiles back to life


Did Land of Dragor by author Julia Suzuki or TV series Games of Throne make you discover your burning love for dragons, dinosaurs and mythical creatures?

Then you will appreciate that bNifty is bringing 200 million-year-old reptiles back to life with this striking Hatching Dinosaur Candle.

This fossil is an egg-shaped candle with a special surprise inside – a baby Dino velociraptor  – sigh!

As the wax slowly melts down, the Jurassic treasure inside incubates. This primitive, porcelain figure is a real keepsake, complete with detailed markings and parietal eyes.

With about 20 hours burning time, it’s a labour you can actually enjoy. The flame from the candle will turn the baby velociraptor’s face black, but once cool, it wipes away easily with a damp cloth.

The excitement doesn’t end here. Let the dragon hatching begin! A symbol of passion and energy, the dragons are the absolute favourite fantasy animals of many.

You don’t need to be a Khaleesi from Game of Thrones to crack this dragon egg. All you need is a flame and this Hatching Dragon Candle. Each egg hides in its core a random colour of dragon – black, green or red.

Our hatching candles are so much more than a decorative accessory, and the porcelain sculptures can be polished for display once the candle has burnt away.

Candles with more than meet the eye!