Local Camden Girl Campaigns To Raise A ‘Wee’ Bit Of Money


Laura Piercey, 25, from Camden is turning her difficult year of emergency hospital visits around by fundraising money for the Bladder Health UK charity.

A few months ago, Laura or ‘L’ was forced to withdraw from her training as an NHS nursing assistant due to her failing bladder.

She’s had a really tough 2019 with the death of a grandad she helped care for, the ongoing pain of an undiagnosed bladder condition, and the stigma from having a tube coming out of her belly running into a bag of urine strapped around her leg.

Despite all this, L is determined not to let this bother her mission; trying her hardest to remain upbeat and positive for family and friends. She uses Instagram as a means to express herself creatively through photography, poetry & honest words; written to help others in the online community get a glimpse of what life is like living and coping with invisible illnesses – both physical & mental.

L politely declined the offer to accept crowdfunding for her own private treatment, insisting that nothing would brighten her Christmas more than being able to share her difficult 2019 story as a means to raise money for charity and encourage greater understanding of bladder illnesses and mental health in young women.

Please help make L’s 2020 wish come true by raising £2020+ for Bladder Health UK.
To read L’s story in full, or donate to her campaign, visit:
www.gofundme.com/f/lauracathy2 020