Local Islamic association comments on “Grooming of Young Girls” saga


A local Islamic association has commented on the “Grooming of Young Girls” saga, stating that they have been improvements in media treatment but other concerns remain.

The Ahmadiyya Association for the Propagation of Islam, released a statement saying “We wish to commend the UK media for its treatment of the recent news that members of a gang in Newcastle have been imprisoned for grooming young girls for sex. So far as we know, no media outlet mentioned the perpetrators’ religion. A criminal is a criminal and as such does not have a religion, though criminals might like to place religious labels upon their chests. The criminal’s religion did not teach him to act in this manner.”

They added “We would also urge the communities to which certain of the men involved belong to take a long hard look at their attitude towards women. There are many countries in the world where women are held in low esteem and denied their basic human rights. All of us must stand up and speak up against such behaviour. When people from such communities came to the UK, they brought their misogynist and racist views with them. We urge friends in these communities not to bury their heads in the sand and deny facts that are obvious to everyone else. Such behaviour does no credit at all to these communities.”