Local single mum who ‘battled the odds’ receives national recognition


Ali Golds, a single mum from West Sussex who has been empowering women business founders and single mum entrepreneurs by teaching them start-up skills since 2012, has been recognised alongside international politicians and sportswomen. Ali’s achievements have earned her an entry in The Independent’s 20 Extraordinary Women of 2017 review.

Ali, a business coach, has not only made extraordinary strides to support and mentor women but has achieved remarkable things personally – mostly against the odds.

Journalist Harriet Marsden, who compiled the impressive roll call of achievers describes Ali as a rare person who has managed to channel negative experiences into positive achievement.

“A survivor of childhood and domestic abuse who left school when she was 16 with few qualifications, and a single mum who faced bankruptcy when her marriage broke up in 2005, Golds is now a successful businesswoman.”

Through her ‘heart project’ The Juno Project, Ali more recently created the ‘This Is Me’ programme, working with girls aged 14-16 who’ve experienced difficult circumstances. It is designed to give them the confidence to achieve whatever goals they set themselves.