London Artist Dr Suzi Morris urges action on COVID-19


London fine artist Dr Suzi Morris is urging the public to support the Imperial College’s work in finding a vaccine for coronavirus.

The artist issued a video message today with the support of Fact Not Fiction Films, sharing her own personal battles after suffering from a viral infection that has had wide implications for her health.

In her video, she also talks about the work of the Imperial College and highlights their world-leading abilities in science, urging the public to support their Research Fund to find a vaccine as quickly as possible for coronavirus.

The renowned artist also made a pledge to donate 50% of all sales of her latest artworks towards the fund.

Dr Suzi Morris said: “We need to bring this lockdown to an end and to do this we need science to bring us mass testing and a vaccine. Imperial College are playing a leading role in this global effort, so I am asking people to please make a donation, no matter how small.”

With the help of Fact Not Fiction Films, remote teams worked on developing the video to highlight the artist’s personal journey, as well as how she’s been impacted by viral keratitis, which can have a long-term impact on vision – and her artistic perspective through the ‘viral sublime’.

Fact Not Fiction Films CEO Tristan Loraine talked about the project this week and said: “With the current limitations placed on all filming activities, Suzi had to learn how to use an unfamiliar camera with some remote input from us. She did a great job. Imperial College kindly supplied us with archive footage and we were able to get the job done. It’s a very important initiative.”

To find out more about Dr Suzi Morris visit her official website or follow her updates on Instagram.