London bus drivers provided with protective facial coverings


In response to learning of the plight of bus drivers at risk and dying in staggering numbers because they do not qualify for any protective gear, Tina Wilson, founder of Wingman app, has taken direct action. So far, she has arranged for 1000 facial bandanas to be put directly into the hands of front-line workers who want and need them across eight London bus routes for no charge and is ready to give more if they are wanted.

Tina Wilson said: “Seeing the Mayor of London be interviewed recently, like many others I had no idea that bus drivers are being affected so badly and was genuinely so upset and enraged by the whole situation. Giving drivers and controllers something to wear that covers their face is only common sense. It’s outrageous that these people are not being provided with face coverings already and that if they do want anything, they are expected to buy it themselves.”

“My friend’s dad works in the industry and confirmed that both drivers and controllers feel scared and exposed every day, with passengers not practising social distancing. They also said since passengers can now travel for free, even though they are getting on and off via rear doors the volume of people has multiplied, making them feel even more at risk. If you look to other countries such as the USA where people are not allowed out without their faces covered in some way, it makes you wonder why we are not doing the same. Where has the common sense gone? It seems to me that companies are either trying to profit from it which is just plain wrong or are not doing anything at all other than give opinions but not taking action. I don’t understand why more people are not doing this.”

Tina concludes: “The response has been staggering, we had no idea that the bus drivers would be so touched by the realisation that people care about them and their health. My mum was an infectious disease nurse, so I am fully aware that these face coverings are not hospital grade equipment, and do not suggest as such – but they do give some protection and stop germs from spreading. They are also a visual reminder for others to keep a distance and will help to prevent people from touching their faces.”

Although Tina has so far provided 1000 bandanas for free she is adamant that no bus drivers should have to pay and to contact her directly if they want more. Friends, family and passengers of drivers who would like a bandana can be sent one by making a donation directly to the Charities Together Covoid-19 Urgent Appeal and forwarding the confirmation email to while stocks last.