London creative Tara Jasminaz launches project to celebrate Blended Britain


by Greg Prior

A local London creative has taken time out of her television studies and career to launch a creative project to celebrate how diverse and blended Britain is.

Tara Jasminaz who has studied at National Film & TV School launched the Blended Britain project a few weeks ago as she told us “This is something I was doing at school and it grew into something more”

Blended Britain is set to be a website that houses mid form video content – to encourage the mixture of culture in the UK. The site promises to deliver “Very good and positive vibes” 

The creative project has seen Tara’s friends, relatives and fellow industry collaborators work with her to make the project a success.

Tara added “The focus for us is on really good quality but simple content celebrating the mixed British culture”

In a video released at a launch event for the initiative, the short film featured stories from individuals of mixed heritage. Those featured in the video are Shazza Ali, Patrick Miles Waddop, Shadia Khalfan, Lauren Douglin, Daniel Doorgakant, Adele James and Elijah Jamois.

Tara talking about her motivation to launch the venture said ‘It is important to have unity, there is a lot of negativity especially around cultural appropriation in a country where we actually share each other’s cultures”

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