London delivery drivers offered an incentive to switch to GreenMo mopeds


Delivery riders across the UK are switching to the eco-friendly power of GreenMo electric mopeds and Europe’s market leader is busier than ever during the COVID-19 outbreak. The green vehicle fleet provider is helping some of the biggest brands in the country fulfil orders across major cities, including takeout giant Deliveroo, which is offering London riders an incentive to switch to GreenMo mopeds.

Since its launch in London in 2018, GreenMo has been the leading electric moped provider for Deliveroo, Papa Johns and Paack. Over the last few weeks, the cost-effective solution GreenMo offers is growing as millions of UK citizens swap eating out for food delivery, as they adhere to the governmental guidelines.

In order to meet demand, GreenMo UK has shipped in extra staff, resources and even a mobile workshop from its sister company in The Netherlands to its central London base.

Even before the current situation hit, GreenMo had become the green, efficient and cost-effective delivery solution for many riders and fleets in London, Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Sheffield and Lincoln. As the emphasis on social distancing has grown, GreenMo has eliminated the need for riders to visit petrol stations and touch potentially contaminated pumping equipment; meaning each journey is self-contained and self-sufficient.

For a small weekly or monthly fee, GreenMo riders are able to use the latest VT120LD moped – with insurance, servicing, maintenance and tracking all included. It is the only electric moped proven to cope with a full delivery shift on a single charge.