London Dog Week and Cuddle Club UK Set to Bring Double love for 2020


In time for Blue Monday, 20 January 2020, The Cuddle Club, a popular doggie therapy pop-up bringing puppy love to people across the capital, has partnered up with London Dog Week this year.

Londoners will get the chance to pet a pooch, spend time with adorable pups and relax in an environment of cuteness as more cuddle clubs alongside members of the London Dog Squad will be lining up in offices, open spaces, parks, retail stores and commuter hot spots running up to and during London Dog Week, 23 March – 29 March 2020.

The various breeds of dogs that make up The Cuddle Club have already proven a hit with UK’s dog lovers and enthusiasts as airports, hospitals, colleges, schools and offices were given a puppy make over to dust away those blue cobwebs and unleash some joy into the community.

According to research, [1]petting a dog for 10 minutes reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, even among those who had very high levels to begin with. Further research revealed that 15 minutes of dog petting actually boosted the feel-good hormones, serotonin, prolatin and oxytocin and can even lower blood pressure by 10%.

Cuddle Club founder, Aneka Johnson says, “The research gives context to why so many brands and businesses are now getting serious about giving dogs a platform in our working and everyday lives. The collaboration between Cuddle Club and London Dog Week will not only make people feel happier but it will actually get people talking, another huge benefit to bringing dogs more into our communities and lives”.

This year’s London Dog Week will take place from the 23rd – 29th March 2020 and is set to be a glamorous affair as it prepares for its first ever Pet Gala, promising pooch prestige runway looks in a doggie Fashion Show and a glamorous Award Ceremony.

Londoner’s are in for a treat as line-up of tail-wagging activities and events designed to celebrate the therapeutic power of our furry friends will soon be unveiled to dog owners and lovers. And in true doggie fashion, this year LDW will launch its own online boutique of poochwear fashion giving puppy lovers the chance to parade their furry friends to the world and proudly support [2]Hearing Dogs, LDW’s official 2020 charity, an organisation that trains dogs to help deaf people leave loneliness behind.

London won’t be the only community to enjoy the fun as the U.S.A prepares for its own first ever Dog Week in Los Angeles. Taking inspiration from its London dog community, L.A. Dog Week will launch with its very own Pet Gala in September 2020. Our stateside pooch lovers and owners will be bringing out the diamante dog collars for its very own Pet Gala as the glitterati of California proudly strut their pooches in Hollywood’s most iconic location to be announced – a little dog nod to its London sister, LDW. .